Feng Shui’s Broken History

Feng Shui’s Broken History

Let’s take a moment to first discuss the jade elephant in the room. You’ve probably heard of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. These days it’s almost commonplace in any discussions of interior decoration and home design.

It’s not even hard to find an expert who can offer in-home consultations. These visits usually include the use of tools like the Bagua wheel (common in Feng Shui) to maximize the universal “Chi” energy flowing through your home. Harnessing this power is said to harmonize you with the universe, which improves your luck, and prosperity.

Let’s get straight to the point by making it clear that Aur’s Feng Shui is not that. At all.

If you have studied Chinese Feng Shui in the past or are a Chinese Feng Shui enthusiast, we’d kindly ask you to regard Aur’s Feng Shui as a separate area of study. If you mix the two, it would likely provide detrimental conflict and confusion.

bamboo fountain

Let’s provide an example. It’s common in modern or Traditional Chinese Feng Shui to say that having water in a house is good. It’s meant to balance the five elements and increase prosperity. However, Aur’s Feng Shui sees this differently. Her style considers any water which isn’t naturally present as lacking the qualities to maintain fresh life. In contrast to common belief, she teaches that placing a water feature within a house would instead make people sick, emotional, and argumentative.  Here’s why.

Water collects, carries, and allows the breeding of, bacteria and germs. When exposed to heat or sunlight, the water will gradually evaporate and take these impurities into the air. When there’s a water feature in the house, these bacterium and germs are dispersed throughout all the rooms. The people living there will inevitably inhale these pollutants which in turn affects their immune system. As a result, they’ll become predisposed to more frequent illness. Additionally, the constant (however in-perceivable) stress will make them moody. Which often leads to arguments with others.

As you can see, the understanding of these two forms of “Feng Shui” (literally meaning Water & Air) wisdom varies widely. However, the two do share a common history. Long before the formation of China, a  natural science emerged from the deserts of ancient Mesopotamia. Around the time when our early ancestors had started to attempt to channel and control their environment around their fixed settlements. Long before electricity and plumbing, they were forced to learn how to harness their natural surroundings to provide themselves and their families with survival, comfort, good health, and a means of income.

It was during this time of ancient ingenuity and early scientific exploration when they began first to discover the existence of subtle repeating patterns, and connections between their natural surroundings and their daily lives. With time and experimentation, our ancestors slowly learned how to harness the flow of nature itself. With it, they created vast cities and shared their secrets to vitality, happiness and wealth with others. As their wisdom deepened, they found other dimensions and levels of nature, allowing them to do amazing things. Soon they were able to predict future events and know every detail about the life, or characteristic, of any human, plant, and animal on earth.


This wisdom also spread as it deepened, soon reaching ancient Babylon, Egypt, and other surrounding areas. It inspired new sciences and art forms such as the creation of calendars, the design of magnificent architectural structures, and the creation of complex alphabets and numerical systems. Our ancestor’s understanding of nature’s patterns and cycles was the spark which ignited everything which followed after that.

Quick note: Our seven days of the week were initially named after various planetary bodies due to their reoccurring patterns and influences on this planet. Sunday was the day of the Sun; Monday was the day of the Moon, and so on. However, the names and meanings of every day changed with each new dominant religion and culture, finally leaving us with mostly Scandinavian influenced weekday names. In future books we’ll discuss how these planetary alignments for each day of the week allow us to know anyone’s personality, with guaranteed accuracy. But that’s for later.

Unfortunately, the natural science fragmented categorically over time as it spread geographically. The direction and purity depending each time on the culture, religion and particular teachers in each region. Those in the Mediterranean became more focused and specialized in alphabetical and numerical systems. This branch created the origins of what is now known as numerology. Whereas trade routes to the East helped shape the first concept of “Feng Shui” in the East.

However like most ancient wisdom, the perceived importance of our connection with nature was slowly replaced by the human species’ inherent greed and its quest for power. With the creation of empires, civilizations were destroyed, along with their wisdom. Similar to the loss of Native American and Aborigine cultures in recent history. Centuries long conflicts between nations also diverted people’s attention from classical education such as nature, and philosophy. They instead started favoring technological advancement, political development, and military strategy.


A few branches of the fundamental holistic knowledge did survive over a longer period. Chinese Feng Shui is an example of this. It became widely accepted to the point of becoming ingrained into Chinese culture and remained at the forefront of daily life throughout the early development of the country. Tragedy struck roughly 2,000 years ago when the then rulers and governments ordered mass book burning and the executions of most scholars. The extent of which resulted in the survival of only a handful of monks and royal advisers with the rudimentary knowledge of the past.

Feng Shui did, and has remained a significant aspect of daily life for much of China, but it lost most of its first knowledge and lineage in this devastating event. It was sadly not the only time book burning, and executions happened in China either, the most recent was just in the last century.

The fragmentation and significant done to the original Feng Shui is a major reason why Aur’s Feng Shui differs from what is known as Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Aur doesn’t follow the Chinese lineage Feng Shui, which has little connection to the ancient wisdom. Instead, she uses a direct lineage from where it all started; the original Mesopotamian natural science.



Nature stayed largely the same throughout the last 10,000+ years. In contrast, our daily lives have drastically changed. Even if we look at how life was just a hundred years ago. So it’s simply unproductive to use the same advice as we would back then. We need to adapt everything to the time we in which we live.

For example; There was a time in the past when having water on a property would be good advice. Back when it flowed naturally in and out of a person’s home or village. Back then, living near a water source meant that people would be able to maintain good health and have an abundance of food. It’s for this reason that water is considered a good thing to have in our homes, according to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. At one point in history, it was indeed useful advice.

But times have changed and so have our homes. Houses aren’t built the same way as in the past, we pump and force water into our homes.. Having a body of water on our property is no longer essential to the survival of our families.  In fact, it’s detrimental to our health, such as in the case of a swimming pool or water feature.


Another significant change is the way we use to design and build structures. Long before air-conditioning and glass windows, homes were designed to stay cool using the natural flow of wind. Houses were designed to allow sunlight into every corner of the house which killed bacteria and kept people healthy. Every element of design had a reason and used nature to improve people’s lives. This isn’t true today. Most homes today are designed primarily for their look, and often don’t make the greatest use of air flow or sunlight. Instead, we use electricity to provide lighting and air conditioners or fans for airflow. We have tried to replace nature with technology. We have gained present moment comforts but have lost a lot in the process.

We want to end by saying this. When talking to anyone about Feng Shui, be it Chinese or otherwise, make sure to test the concepts presented according to today’s modern life. It won’t be useful to follow advice or principles that haven’t been adapted to modern life. It can even be detrimental, such as the water example in the beginning. It’s like telling a child it’s safe to walk down the middle of a busy  road. Because before cars, they all did.

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Magic $50,000  Key Ring

Magic $50,000 Key Ring

Here in Thailand, there are lots of people who believe in the power of magical items and amulets. In fact, most Thai people wear a special necklace with a Buddha figurine or another holy sculpture on a key ring, believing that it will protect them. Or help them make more money. Or have power over others.

Today we’re going to share a very special little collection of these amulets with you. Aur’s brother has been collecting these amulets and magical tokens for over 20 years and believes 100% that they have absolutely changed his life. In this words, before he owned this particular collection he had only 20 cents in this bank account. Now he owns two restaurants, his own house, a loving wife, and feels fulfilled.

Although he said that he wouldn’t sell these for any price because (he feels they have given him everything he ever wanted in life), he did  conservatively value the collection at around $50,000 USD. An even greater relative sum in a nation where it would take the average person four years to earn that amount of money.

We asked him to tell us briefly about each of the many sculptures he keeps with him at all times on a key ring. Fortunately for us he approved and was nice enough to share a little background on each item.

  1. Hanuman


Hanuman is a Hindu deity who embodies great courage , power and selfless service. This statue is said to help in negotiations  and with fighting. With this amulet you’re said to be able to always have the confidence and influence over others  and come out on top in negotiations. The little carved statue is over 200 years old and is the first item on the key ring.

  1. Owl sculpture. 300+ years old.


This sculpture helps with a person’s sense of direction and ensures they’ll always find their way home. no matter where they are. I could definitely see the value in that as a traveler.

  1. Elephant token – Over 300 years old.


It’s main purpose is to protect you from wild animals. It’s said that whoever has this with them will be safe from wild animals whilst in the jungle.

  1. Rabbit. 300+ years old.


The rabbit, just like Western culture, is seen as a good luck symbol. I guess similar to how some like to carry around a rabbit’s foot on their key ring.

  1. Penis.


A little odd to have on a key ring but this little token is made from black coral and is said to help you make money. There are inscriptions down the side of it and inside is a small sheet of gold.

  1. Love birds


The love birds are made from ivory. They are said to help you get anything you want from another person. It’s especially difficult to find this one. In the past when they wanted to make one, they would have to put it into a coffin with a dead body. If and only if nine crows then came to the coffin would the sculpture be acknowledged as real.

7. Goat


The goat is also more than  100 years old. It’s used to help the user sell more products. This must be working as the owner’s restaurants to attract customers from all over.

8. Medicine ball


This herbal medicine ball was first chewed and then spat out by a monk. It’s seen as one of the most powerful items on the key chain and apparently helps to ward off illnesses.

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Guardian angels are real, but not what you think

Guardian angels are real, but not what you think

Guardian angels are spirits that help you in your daily life. Various religions and philosophies describe angels in different ways. Many times when thinking of a guardian angel, the picture of a winged gorgeous model in a flowing garment may come to mind. But does this representation make sense?

If a spirit is not bound by the physical reality, then why would a being like a guardian angel need to manifest wings? It could simply float and move around at will with no flapping necessary. Secondly, why would the angel decide to help us in the first place? Why me specifically? Why you?

This is what first spurred a conversation with Aur, a life mentor to many and renowned expert in the metaphysical realms. Aur’s upbringing placed her in the midst of monks, healers, and holistic life counsellors from a very young age. In these circles; ghosts, guardian angels, demons or even dragons were commonplace conversation and simply a part of nature. Albeit not one we are able to see with the limitations of our physical senses.

Aur explains that spirits or ghosts were simply people, just without the fleshy body. This means that what we would call our “guardian angels” were simply people too (just living in a frequency our eyes and other physical senses don’t pick up).  But why again would they choose to help us?

Take a look at the video conversation: https://youtu.be/Ux6iZzFa8BY

Multi-life relationships

This comes back to the idea of reincarnation, constant and continual rebirth until a point of perfection or “enlightenment” when birth is no longer necessary. In Buddhism it’s believed that to even become the level of a human being, one must be born into more than a billion lives (I’m paraphrasing, but it was a huge number). In that time we’ve done both good and bad. We’ve made friends, and enemies over all of those lives. These relationships continue today.

Our guardian angels are people (beings/souls) we have helped in the past or done something good for in a previous life. Our relationship with them may have been that of a father, a mother, a daughter, a son, a close friend, lover or otherwise. We’re connected to them, and they’re happy to help us in this life because of our good deeds towards them in the past (an example of good karma returning).

So how are they able to help you in your life? In more ways than you may think. Aur’s students often brag about always getting the best parking spots right at the front door, even when it’s in the center of bustling Bangkok, just because they asked their guardian angels to help. Or they asked a business conversation to go favorably, and people’s interactions with them noticeably change from the normal exchanges. You can virtually ask anything you would like from your guardian angel, including to know your own future.

BUT! Is it real or imagined?

Many people may think that they can ask their guardian angels for a parking spot or to know their own future. They may even get a clear answer and a great spot 60% of the time. However, if it is truly your angel helping you keep in mind that the results have to be accurate 100% of the time. Otherwise you’re likely simply talking to yourself. So make sure the answers or guidance you get isn’t just your imagination.

It takes a lot of power for a non-physical form to have influence on this world. Asking your angels for too much may mean they don’t have enough energy in this world to do so. One way in which to strengthen your guardian angel is to share whatever good karma comes from your actions with them. For example, if you spend each morning in mediation for 15 minutes, make a prayer at the end saying that you will share any good karma that comes from the mediation with your guardian angel. Or if you do something good for another person, you may also share this. There are certain laws which transcend both worlds and are at force in both. One is the mind, another is karma. Both of these is able to help strengthen your own guardian angel.

So first of all know that you’re are never alone and that there’s always someone with you that loves you. Whether you can see them or not. Then start sharing some of your good karma with your special companion and try to keep a focused and neutral mind (we’ll talk more about that later) to build up any possible positive influence they can have in your life. Lastly, test this for yourself. Try to make clear requests of your guardian angel to help you in your everyday life and see what happens. Remember, if you’ve truly been able to connect with them,  the answers will always be accurate.

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