The Swimming Pool is BAD Feng Shui

The Swimming Pool is BAD Feng Shui

Many traditions of Feng Shui say that the swimming pools attracts prosperity, “Chi” or balances the elements. But these views are outdated and wrong. Truth is, the swimming pool is bad Feng Shui.

Firstly, some say that the direction of a pool in relation to the property determines whether the swimming pool is bad Feng Shui or not (not true). But this isn’t what we’ll be focussing on in this article. Instead we’ll be mostly talk about history, human behavior and science. But before we go on, we would like to ask you for a favor.

Whenever you read something about Feng Shui, test it for yourself. Feng Shui isn’t meant to be an esoteric belief, it’s an understanding of how nature works. Basically it’s a form of science.  And with any science, theories must be tested and proven with replicable results in order to be condoned valid. So please don’t believe what people write about Feng Shui, not even us. Instead go test and try it for yourself. If it’s authentic Feng Shui, the results will be consistent and clear. Simply applying something that is seen as good luck, auspicious, or good “chi” is useless without a specific tangible benefit gained. Test, and prove everything for yourself.


Let’s look at the origins of the notion that having a body of water in a home would bring prosperity and good “chi”. Many hundreds and even thousands years ago we primarily grew our own foods and collected our own water in order to survive. Our whole success in life was the mastery over this element, and how we were able to use it for our crops and animals. For this reason, wise traditional Chinese Feng Shui advisors of that time would always suggest finding a piece of land with a natural source of water. More water meant more produce, and therefore more prosperity due to abundance and trade. These same advisors would also suggest to have a hill at the back of the property to protect plants from harsh winds.

It’s obvious that our lives are very different these days. Most of us no longer grow our own food or have the need to collect water. Instead we buy food and have plumbing to pump water wherever we need it.  This fundamental shift in our daily lives completely changes what could be said is good for us, and what isn’t.

***As a side note: Most of today’s widespread traditional Feng Shui no longer accurate. China as a whole has suffered multiple mass book burnings and large numbers of scholar executions, leading to the fragmentation and distortion of their remaining ancient knowledge.  This has in part been the reason why traditional Chinese Feng Shui was never updated to accommodate our modern lifestyles. Unfortunately it’s out of sync with today’s society and misinterpreted by those using it.

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poolIn today’s world, any open area of water on our properties are usually swimming pools, or water features used simply for aesthetics. They’re certainly not naturally occurring bodies of water, they’re unnatural and forced. The issue with forced collections of water is that – scientifically speaking – it becomes a breeding ground for germs and disease. Additionally, there is still much people don’t understand about nature, and creating something unnatural always has it’s consequences.

Back to the germs. Most all waterborne germs, fungi and common diseases become air born as water naturally evaporates from environmental heat, spreading into the air with breathe. Constant exposure to this leads to immune system issues and more frequent health problems.

However, swimming pools are also special because we do keep them clean of bacteria. However we do this with chemicals such as bleach.  Just like the bacteria, these chemicals mix with water vapour in the air, and weaken our immune systems over time.  This is why the swimming pool is bad Feng shui.

Apart from the tangible health problems caused by a swimming pool, it also acts as a manifested representation of our lives as does every aspect of our homes. Because everything is connected. Symbolically, water is a constantly fluctuating element and commonly associated to emotion and constant change. Whereas earth is solid, stable and dependable.

When we take earth out of our property and replace it with water, it means that someone’s’ mind in the house won’t be stable. They’ll be moody and have frequently changing emotions.  To find out who would be affected the most, we would look at the area of the property in which the swimming pool is positioned.

Every property or synthetic structure represents different aspects of the human mind and existence.  No matter where you are in the world, the front of the property will always represent the child’s area. Whereas the back represents the adult zone. This means that if the pool is at the front of the property (near the front road), those most affected will be any children living there. On the other hand, if the swimming pool is at the back of the property, one of the adults will be the moody and tense. They’ll also be frequently sick. You can even pinpoint the gender of the person by it’s position, but that’s for a future conversation.

All in all, people love to have water fountains or swimming pools, but unfortunately it’s actually better not to have them, because (as you now know) the Swimming pool is bad Feng Shui.

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