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“What are Chakras? Don’t give me any esoteric or ambiguous puffery. What is a Chakra, REALLY?” This is what we recently asked Aur, and you may be surprised by her answer.

The word Chakra is commonly thrown around in places like spas and yoga classes. Most of the time they’ll be placed in the same sentences as words like “closed, blocked, or unbalanced.  But these are all quite ambiguous descriptions. So this leads to the question: What are Chakras, really?

Most would tell you that the Chakras consist of color-coded spinning energy centers within your body which connect your physical form to some sort of universal energy. Each of these spinning chakras are seen to represent a certain area of your life and personality. For example your confidence, love, psychic connection or what not. And a lot of time and energy is usually spent “balancing” or “unblocking” these mystic chakras.

Overall they’re usually spoken of in esoteric or symbolic terms. Probably because, no doctor has ever noted seeing spinning wheels of light performing surgery. So the topic has left some questions to be answered. That was until we asked Aur:

“What are Chakra’s really?”

 Aur explained that chakras were not spinning wheels of energy, but various intersections where large junctions of nerves existed within the body. These junctions provide a crucial flow of information and life to different areas throughout the body. This is possibly where the original significance of the chakras came from. Purely biological.

chakra nerve

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Each “Chakra” facilitates the proper functioning of a certain area of the body. For example, all of the nerves from your legs join at the bottom of your spine. We would call this nexus is called a chakra (in the esoteric or mystical world, most specifically refer to it as the root chakra). If there was a problem with this chakra, it would negatively impact the functioning of your legs nervous system. Which would lead to real health problems and discomfort. So, it’s not hard to see why mystics say the root chakra is connected to our survival and our basic physical stability and needs. Our legs are literally our physical support structures and by most natural means a fundamental asset in our own survival.

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Another chakra or nerve juncture is located close to the genitals. It’s natural to say that if there is nerve damage or a problem in this area that it would affect the person’s sexual organs. In the yogic tradition this is seen as what is called the sacral chakra. This spinning spiral of energy is said to represent a person’s confidence, love, social life and relationships. From a secular perspective, studies have shown that impotence or sexual organ dysfunction causes huge confidence issues. It’s also common for people with this problem to become more distant from their loved ones.

See the underlying connection yet? We could go on for all of the “chakras” in the body. They aren’t mythical energy centers blocked or unbalanced by negative energies. They’re real anatomical nerve junctions which have serious impact on the body’s various functions and systems.

So where does the mind come in to all this?

Aur explained that healing nervous system problems can be very difficult if done solely through physical stimulation. The entire system is connected and certain areas can be hard to get to.  This is where the mind comes in to play.

As many researchers have proven, our minds are capable of influencing, controlling, and even changing the physical body. When there a problem communicating electrical information through one of the chakra junctions, we’re able to use our minds to literally stimulate movement in that specific area.

We do this by focusing our attention on the Chakra (we mean the nerve juncture) from where the problem are arising. Then, through certain visualization and meditation practices we are able to mentally stimulate electrical impulses to the problem area. This essentially flushes our nervous system and allowing an improved flow of information throughout our body.

Lastly, we asked Aur about the chakra’s colors. Do they have colors? Do colors honestly have any real significance in our body or on our minds?

Aur answered that there are no set colors for a person’s body, but that colors are important.  Colors do exist for different areas of the body, but according to that areas corresponding natural element, and the individuals life cycle.

She explained further that there are two underlying structures of this world. Firstly, is formed by, and connected to, the classical elements. Secondly, everything in this world has a cycle. The same goes for our bodies. The moment we’re born we enter the larger cycle of life. But our bodies also enter into their own cycle where each day differing elemental influencers and corresponding colors interact with, and determine our daily lives. But, every person is different according to their moment of birth, gender, age, career and culture. And each day we move into a new area of our life cycle, which changes everything. This is why there is no one color that is good for everyone, for everything, on every day.

One day a certain color will give you strength, the next it will make you insignificant to those around you. It all depends on the elements, and cycles.

Now you know what the Chakras really are.