3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips

3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips

“3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips” is an excerpt taken directly from the pages of our book, “Your Home Reveals Everything.” 

Every space is different according to Feng Shui expert advisor, Aur. But even so, there are some great tips to enhance your efforts in ANY workspace, either at home or in an office. Here are the top 3 Feng Shui office tips to help you get the best from your efforts.


One of the simplest Feng Shui fixes in any work area is the filing system. Any un-kept files or work kept directly behind where you sit to work represents unfinished tasks. If you don’t file things away carefully, you’ll continuously have new work coming in before being able to finish previous responsibilities. By filing things away properly, you’ll be able to complete each task, without becoming overburdened.



Just like a structure or area of land, a desk can also be broken down into different particular areas. Each of these areas influences our behavior differently. We usually determine a Feng Shui area of influence from the front road. However, a desk is different.


A desk has four areas of influence. Man, Woman, Girl, and Boy. Each area has a particular impact on your work and interaction with objects on the desk.

The adult areas are at the back of your desk and have the highest importance. Don’t put your inbox or to-do list in this area. If you do, when you’re processing one task, another, more important task will usually interrupt you. You’ll have a hard time getting any work finished.

The front child areas are where the most movement occurs. Anything you place on your desk in these sectors will come and go quickly from your desk. It’s better to keep work that needs to be done in either of these areas to help you complete tasks quickly.

When thinking about where to place your computer on a table, consider how you will use the computer. Do you use it mostly for emails and communication? Then putting it in the Boy area would be best. Whereas if you use your computer for something that requires a high level of detail, the woman area would be better suited. Each area of the desk will have its strengths and weaknesses. The best area depends on the work.



The direction, in which a person sits, can show you how aware they are of everything in their business or office. They might know what everyone else is doing in the business. Or they may only be aware of their responsibilities. It depends on the way their desk is facing. Both are useful depending on the person’s job.

Take a blogger for example. There’s probably no need for them to know what everyone else is doing in the company. But, if you’re in HR, it’s your responsibility to be aware of everything in the company. Having this added awareness enables you to prepare for changes and direct your staff accordingly.


Desk Facing the Road

When someone faces towards the road, they’ll be aware of everything happening in their business or work environment. Whoever sits here will have an awareness of things to come and be able to plan ahead

This is great if they need to know every detail of what’s happening in the business. But be warned. If a naturally detail oriented manager sits here, they’ll become meticulous once facing their desk to the road. Others may feel they micromanage too much.

If the person working here doesn’t need to know what others are doing, they may become too involved with others when their desk is facing the road.


Desk parallel

Anyone with the road on their left or right will know some, but not all things happening in their work environment. This position is useful if you don’t want to be overburdened by every little detail of everything in the company, while still wanting to stay informed about things happening around you.


Desk Facing Away from the Road

This direction is great when you don’t need to know everything going on around you. It will allow you to focus solely on your work. People with their backs to the road will be unaware things happening outside of their responsibilities. The problem is that they won’t have any foresight of future projects or tasks. People facing this way have a hard time planning their work in advance.

Where is your desk facing? Was it accurate for your workspace? Let’s talk about it.

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