3 Bedroom Feng Shui Secrets for Good Health and Sleep

3 Bedroom Feng Shui Secrets for Good Health and Sleep

Your bedroom is the most important room in Feng Shui.


Because we spend more time there than any other room in the house.

Also, because, from a symbolic aspect, your bedroom represents your personality and relationships. 

(But there’s a whole other article about how each room influences our life.)

So if the bedroom is so important…

How can you Feng Shui your bedroom for better health and sleep?

In this article, you’ll discover 3 easy Feng Shui principles guaranteed to help you enjoy good sleep and better health.

Let’s start!

#1. Keep Your Bed Parallel

This is key to your health…

Did you know…

Roads are huge bodies of solid rock-like material, floating on shifting soil that:

  • Carry subtle vibrations caused by the movement of cars.
  • Affect wind patterns due to their thermal properties.
  •  Disrupt the earth’s magnetic forces.

All of these wave-like energies emanate from both sides of any road, affecting the houses (ad the people) alongside them.

How does this connect with you and me?

While we sleep, our bodies release electromagnetic energy and heat, which emanates from the two natural poles of our body, our head, and feet.

The release of energy and heat allows our bodies to let go of pent-up electromagnetic energy collected during the day.

But when a bed’s head is facing the road, the subtle energies emitted from our bodies, directly collide with magnetic and seismic energy emitted from the front road.

The result:

A rebounding effect, forcing the energy released from our head back to our body.

Prolonged exposure leads to frequent headaches, shoulder and neck problems, poor sleep quality and general restlessness.

(Where’s your bed head facing?)


When the foot of a bed faces the road, the energies from your feet collide with that from the road, which affects your lower body.

That’s why:

People with their bed’s foot facing the road will suffer from problems with their lower joints, knees and nerves (which leads to higher instances of “clumsiness too).

This is why, it is seen as bad Feng Shui to have your bed’s head or the foot of your bed pointing to the road in front of your house.

To fix this bedroom Feng Shui problem:

Make sure that your bed is parallel to the road in front of your house. The allows the energy from the road to interact with your body from the side, allowing it to “roll” over you.

The release of energy from your feet and head is then unencumbered which allows for better rest and long-term health.

The next bedroom Feng Shui tip is…

#2. Get Rid of EM Radiation

Electricity is everywhere these days…

And, it doesn’t stay contained within the appliances which use it…

In fact, electromagnetic energy leaks 
into its environment from all electrical devices.


Our bodies were not designed to be bombarded by these constant electrical influences, right?.

Especially not for extended continuous periods, such as when we sleep.

Even when a TV has been off for hours, it still releases certain levels of electromagnetic energy.

When the TV is too close to the bed:

This electromagnetic field interferes with your body’s nervous system. Especially when the TV is at the foot or the head of your bed.

This can have disastrous effects on your health.

If you have a TV at the foot or the head of your bed…

…over time, you will start to experience health problems associated with nerve damage in either the lower or upper body (depending on the TV’s location).

For example: 

If you talk to most people with a TV at the foot of their bed:

They’ll admit to having back problem or problems with the nerves in their legs.

On a side note, and purely from a muscular perspective, if you watch a TV at the end of your bed while lying in bed, you’ll likely experience long-term damage to your neck and shoulders by the way you sit up to watch it.

#3. Keep Books & Bears Out of the Bedroom.

I know… right? :-( …

People love collecting books and stuffed toys in their bedrooms.

But both ignite allergies and deteriorate overall health.

The reason?


Carried in by the wind or produced in our homes, dust is made of many things; sand, dirt, pollen, or even mold and fungi.

If too much of this dust collects around us, it leads to serious health problems.

In the short term:

Dust ignites allergy weaknesses and weakens the immune system.

But, in the long-term…

Continuous inhalation of high concentrations of dust can lead to lower lung efficiency – and heart problems!


You’re not going to like this, but…

Our beloved books and stuffed toys collect a lot of dust.

that’s why it’s bad bedroom Feng Shui to have clutter, especially books, and plush toys in your bedroom.

BUT before you throw out Mr snuggles and your favorite book…

It’s Ok, to have one book or teddy. The point is to keep it to a minimum.

If you’re a serious teddy enthusiast love to fill your room with books, it’s time to let them sleep somewhere else.

Hope you have enjoyed our bedroom Feng Shui tips!

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