Why This Feng Shui Expert has 2,000 students but none become consultants.

Why This Feng Shui Expert has 2,000 students but none become consultants.

The Feng Shui expert interviewed for this article spent over 25 years consulting for some of Asia’s wealthiest families including Forbes 100 members and members of Royalty.  In her many years, she conducted private consultations for over $5 Billion in property and hosted one of Asia’s Top Feng Shui TV shows.

Although having retired from consulting work over 5 years ago, Aur has not stopped using her vast knowledge of ancient ways. She currently has over 2,000 students, some of which have studied with her for over 5 years, but none of them have ventured into the (often lucrative) world of Feng Shui consultancy.

It may seem strange, at first. But when we spoke to Aur herself about this, it made sense.  See for yourself why none of her students become Feng Shui consultants.

“People often assume that learning Feng Shui is something only for architects or decorators,” said Aur.

Feng Shui Misconceptions

 They think that you can only use it when renovating or building a property. What they forget is that Feng Shui is a study of how a person’s surroundings, and the world as a whole, influences their daily lives. No matter what they do for a living.When my students come to study, they do it because they want to improve their own lives. Some may have marital problems or may want to make more money. It’s never about using it as a career move (although they do all use Feng Shui in their own workplace now).

Once you understand how your surroundings influence your life, you can use it to your advantage. You can transform basically any area of your life using it. Because everything in our home symbolizes who we are and our life. This is why all my students are able to know anyone’s entire life, from their personality to the way they have sex, just from the person’s floorplan. It’s not supernatural, it’s a blend of natural science and social psychology. Just not in the way you’re currently taught in Western schools.

After studying with me they use it to improve their own circumstances. For example, once most of my students see the effect their bathroom has their monthly spending, they make the simple changes necessary to keep more money at the end of each month. Similarly, once they see how their bed’s position is ruining their body, they shift it for better rest and health.

Wrong Feng Shui is Dangerous

My students also know the dangers of using authentic Feng Shui for other’s lives. Real Feng Shui has significant effects on a person’s life. It can make them rich, or it can make them poor too. You can even kill a person using Feng Shui. When consulting for others, you cannot afford to make a mistake. You must have the precision and accuracy of a physician. Most don’t reach that level.

But the problem is that people out there still do perform consultations without properly understanding the underlying effect it has on the people. If they do something which harms the person or negatively alters their life, the advisor or consultant will pay the price for their mistake.

This is why most Feng shui consultants’ lives worsen over time. They’re using something they don’t fully understand and they’re making mistakes.

Help Yourself

If you ask me, my students are happy helping themselves with Feng Shui. They already have everything they could possibly want after studying. For example, one of my students used it to improve their personal finances. They went from living in a rented house with no assets to over $2.5 Million in assets within 2 years. Another used it to increase her small business’s income from $2,000 a month to $10,000 a month.

But it isn’t just a person’s finances which improves with Feng Shui. Every one of my students love how they’ve been able to use Feng Shui to improve their own relationships, health, careers, mindset, and basically every area of their life.

That’s why none of my 2,000 students chose to be consultants.

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What Land Shapes say about Your Life

What Land Shapes say about Your Life

(The following article on land shapes is an excerpt from our upcoming book, titled "How your home reveals everything about you", out now on Amazon.com.

Every shape in our lives has meaning and influences our lives in some way. The parcel of land your home is one of the simplest examples of this connection between shapes and our lives. For example, the shape of your land shows whether your life will be stable or changing. Each shape has particular benefits and drawbacks associated with it’s represented element.  Let’s look at the three most common land shapes and what they mean for the inhabitants.


EarthEarth is a predominantly a stable Feng Shui element. Earth doesn’t change or move much (in comparison to other elements). The great thing about Earth is that it can be depended and counted on. Earth also doesn’t need any support. Its needs are simple in the world of elements.

However, if you want something to change, Earth is the last thing that could help you. Earth is stubborn and set in its ways. Therefore it requires a long time and effort for any change to occur.


Those living here will have stable lives*. People living, or working here will experience little to no change over the years. If they’re poor, they’ll stay poor, if rich, they’ll stay rich. Life will remain the same. The good thing is that the inhabitant’s life can’t get worse while living there. On the flipside, if life is already bad, it won’t better either.

*Noteworthy: The exact details of their life depend on the property’s address, the day of the week the inhabitants were born, and the colors they’ve used in their home. These are more advanced topics for future books.



woodWood starts its life cycle as part of a living organism. It moves, breathes, and grows over time.  Therefore we see wood as a stable while somewhat flexible Feng Shui element, which changes and evolves over time.

So the great thing about wood is that, when we nurture and provide the right environmental for wood, it can flourish. But, without constant nourishment from outside sources, it becomes sick. It’ll weaken, and eventually die.

Most properties are some variation of a rectangle. They may be long and narrow or short and wide. No matter how wide or narrow the rectangle is, each one is seen as the same.


Anyone living on a property like this will have a relatively stable life. But it will require constant effort to maintain this stability. Without their continual input and effort, their lives will deteriorate. Similar to how a tree needs multiple inputs to retain its vigor.

Change is certainly possible for the people living here but it takes time, and progress is slow. These people don’t like to change too much too quickly. Because it’s wood, they’ll need a lot of favorable factors in their lives to see improvement. It won’t be easy.



FireYou’ll see triangle land shapes on corners or intersections. This symbolizes fire. Fire is a Feng Shui element which has unique qualities but needs regular fuel to maintain itself. The product or results seen from a fire depend solely on the fuel provided.


The good thing about this shape is that it can make the inhabitant successful and prosperous. But, this can only happen if they own a business or have a job that requires a highly specialized skill or their unique knowledge.

It’s the owner’s ability and personal value that fuels the fire and which can make them prosperous. But because they’re the fuel, their success cannot be passed down to the next generation or achieved without them. Any person who follows them will have to be unique in their way.

Finally, if a company is on this property, it will be best for them to conduct specialized work, with uniquely skilled employees who are experts or specialists in their field.


Image credit: Martin Driver | Wallpaper Safari

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