The Definitive guide to
Taksa Weekday Astrology



First, let me ask you a question. Why do you think we have 7 days in the week?

Our current calendar system originated over 4,000 years ago in the Mesopotamian region where it was used to understand and track the Sun and the Moon’s circular influences on our planet. Plus the effects of other heavenly bodies.

That’s why the days of the week were originally named after each known planet in the solar system. This is because, on every given day of the week, the planets are in predictable alignments with the earth. 

Origins of the Weekdays

Sunday – day of Sun

Monday – day of Moon

Tuesday – day of Mars

Wednesday – day of Mercury

Thursday – day of Jupiter

Friday – day of Venus

Saturday – day of Saturn

The Planet’s Influence

Although largely unknown in modern society, our ancestors who created the calendar system knew that each of the planets had its own influence on the four classical elements which make up everything found on our planet, including us.

With time, they realized that people (and animals) born on a particular day of the week had certain similar personality traits to others born on the same day of the week, regardless of the month or year they were born.  Weekday Astrology was born.

It’s arguably the oldest and most comprehensive personality profiling system in the world. With Weekday Astrology, you’re able to connect every part of someone’s life back to the natural elements.

You can know everything about a person, from their social personality to their health and even their weaknesses and hidden dark side, just from the day of the week they were born.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, Weekday Astrology has been called Karma’s embodiment, the way in which the universe creates the physical perimeters of our past karma, brought into this life.

That’s why the best use having this information at your fingertips, is the ability to overcome your natural patterns and destructive cycles. You can become aware of yourself and your nature, change the bad side of you, and develop yourself to be a better person.

What Day of the Week were you born?

(If you aren’t sure, find out here.)


 Adam Levine

Johnny Depp

Hillary Clinton

Paul Rudd

Chuck Norris

Kylie Jenner

Vick Umythy

 Daniel Radcliffe

Melissa Joan Hart

Emma Watson

Philip DeFranco

Bradley Cooper

Frank Sinatra

 Seth Godin

The key point for Sunday men and women is that everything has to look “perfect”, according to their personally chosen standards.

A Sunday person does everything they can to look good. Especially, when around people who aren’t a close part of their lives.

When you first meet a Sunday person, they will seem like confident and easy-going people. But, the more you get to know them, the more you will see that they are completely different than you first thought.


 The biggest problem Sunday people have is accepting the bad side of themselves. Sunday’s hate looking bad. So much so, that they avoid looking at it themselves.

Sunday people often cover up and deny whatever they think will make them look bad.

They’re tough on themselves too and often pressure themselves that they’re not good enough according to their own standards.



Cultural norms


Culture is a significant formative factor for a Sunday’s personality because of their core focus on looking “Good”. Because what is considered right or wrong varies vastly between countries, cultures and religions.

Take sex for example. In most Western countries, women born on a Sunday will openly express their enjoyment of sex.

In Thai culture, on the other hand, a Sunday woman won’t admit to liking sex at all. Contrary to most Western cultures, in Thailand, it’s considered wrong for a woman to admit to liking sex.





A Sunday man will generally look confident and outgoing on the outside. They will think of themselves as smart and tough and quick-witted. But they aren’t mentally strong.

Sunday men avoid problems and risks but hate to admit it. Sunday men will believe that they’re brave and think that they’re the kind of person who deals with problems head on.

Sunday men don’t lie – necessarily. But, they will act as if their negative qualities don’t exist.



A Woman Born Sunday


A Sunday woman will do anything she can to look good in other’s eyes according to her society’s idea of what a “good” woman should be.

Sunday women are generally polite and kind. They try to avoid conflict at all cost. But, people do get annoyed with Sunday women because they have the tendency to make negative assumptions about how others them. Plus, Sunday women always worry too much about how others feel about them. That’s why, when something goes wrong, she is quick to blame herself and feel bad about it.

Famous Monday People

 Larry Ellison

Tony Robbins

Dr. Chris Brown

Jenna Marbles

Elon Musk

Anyone born on a Monday (after 6 am) is represented by the character of a housewife. For a Monday person, either you’re part of their family, or you’re not. Nothing is ever balanced for a Monday person.

Monday people tend to base all of their actions and decisions on how they feel at that time. So you’ll have a difficult time getting a Monday person to do something they don’t want to do. Unless, it leads them to an outcome they want. In that case, they will do anything to get it.

Because Monday’s are in touch with their own feelings, it’s easy for them to understand others’ feelings too. They know how to act with other people to get what they want. But, Mondays are generally bad liars. They often exaggerate facts, so they are easy to catch out when they do.





A Monday man is more detail oriented than most guys. He’s easy to get along with and friendly with everyone. He generally won’t “give a shit” about anything unless he sees the value in it for himself. But, Monday men do get annoyed easily when things don’t go the way they want.

Being a normally terrible liar won’t stop him from trying because he’ll be prone to exaggerating facts. He’s the kind of person who makes everything he thinks is important into a huge deal – even if it’s actually relatively minor.

Overall, most Monday men love animals more than people. They often feel skeptical of human’s intentions but trust, and care more for, animals.  




 A Monday woman is exceptionally emotional. She commonly feels that everyone around her is her responsibility. Especially all her friends and their family are their responsibility.

But. Like her male counterpart, if she isn’t close to someone, she really won’t care at all about them. Unless, she feels pity for the person.

The problem most people have with Monday women is that they can be overly motherly. They often make decisions for others or pick everything for them. Like a typical mother would.

Famous Tuesday People


People born on Tuesday after 6 am are characterized by a soldier personality. The most important aspect of their life is what they consider to be their duty. They’re generally very skilled at whatever it is that they do, but lack emotional intelligence when it comes to understanding their own, or others’, feelings.










Tuesday men are career focused. They’re often highly knowledgeable at whatever it is they do and are commonly specialists in their field.

But at home it’s like he doesn’t exist. He may spend time with family but he doesn’t talk when he’s home.

Tuesday men always take time when doing something because it all has to happen within the framework they have in their mind.

When angry, Tuesday men try to beat you up with their words, but if you fight with them, they’ll just walk away.

Tuesday men are good family men. Once they start a family they become addicted to them.   




Tuesday women like to make their own decisions and lead private lives. They hate others to have control over their life. Except if they have a husband, they then might want him to have control.

Women born on this day are very detail oriented and sensitive. Similarly to their male counterparts, they have mental frameworks around everything in life and live by their own clear cut rules.

Tuesday women are terrible at controlling their emotions, and when they’re angry they know what to say to hurt others.

Generally they’re good at using their words and influencing others, especially with guilt.

Famous Wednesday People

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie



Wednesday people born after 6 am are characterized by an ambassador or negotiator. Before they do anything in life they always think about their own benefit and outcome first. If something doesn’t have anything do to with them they won’t care about it at all. 

Wednesdays are easy sleepers. They can sleep anywhere at any time. Can call asleep on an airplane or in the car.


Wednesday personalities are highly dependent on their childhood. If they’re spoilt as children, they’ll be very lazy when adults.






Wednesday men are naturally quiet people. They only talk when they feel that there’s something in it for them. Wednesday men believe that they can do anything in life. They never feel like they’re not smart or good enough to do anything.

Wednesdays often have many projects happening at once but they have a different perspective of success than others have. Some may see success as being a millionaire, or #1 on their field, Wednesday men have different end goals. They can be lazy too when they don’t want to do something.

Once a Wednesday man gets married he doesn’t care about anything else in his life except for work and his spouse.




Wednesday women are quiet too. Like their male counterparts, women born on this day only talk when feel it will result in a benefit for them.

Wednesday women can be an angel one moment and a bitch the next and the moment they become emotional, they don’t listen to any reason by anyone in the world. They do anything they want.

They act so tough on the outside but are sensitive, soft and fragile on the inside.

Making plans and learning new things are easy for Wednesdays. But, they have to learn using their own methods which are always different than others. They’re good at finding their own way to control or deal with things in their life. 

Anyone born on a Thursday after 6am is characterized by the “Mentor” personality.

Thursday people love teaching and sharing knowledge with others. Although they’ll normally take the long way around to explain things or abruptly go in a completely different direction with the conversation.

Thursdays are prone to worry. They think about others a lot and try to help people and can’t hide how they feel from others. Where a woman Thursday is detail orientated in personal and social ways, male Thursdays are detailed in material matters and has a hard time understanding or explaining emotions.







A Thursday man is annoying. He’s only focused on something he’s interested in. If he’s not interested in you at the time, it’s as if you’re not there. He can make anyone feel as if they’re not there.

Above all else, Thursday men are stubborn and self-assured. Even when everyone says something is wrong, if he thinks it is right, he will do whatever it is anyway.

The Thursday man has a hard time understanding people and feelings. Even if he feels defensive or strongly about something he has a hard time to express his feelings to others.

The Thursday man is shy when it comes to showing off something good that he does.




A Thursday woman is clumsy and bad at detail-oriented tasks. But, Thursday women have good judgement. They can see what’s right and what’s wrong. Just don’t expect her to be organized or structured, she’s infamous for changing her mind.

That’s part of the reason why she cannot make plans. But also, nothing ever goes according to her plan anyway.

Thursday women are good with understanding people’s feelings and are often the shoulder to cry on.

They’re the kind of person that, if someone fails, she’ll be the one to cheer them up. Or, if no one does a job, she will volunteer.

Famous Thursday People


Banker. Banker does whatever they want and thinks only about their own benefit. No one else. Friday never loves anyone. Loves who they are the most. Do everything to get what they want. After get it, means nothing.





 Miracles can happen. Luck happens to these people. (both) Get everything so easy without working hard.  Pass everything easily. Man: Smart talking, charming and gets people’s trust easily. Even if not really trust worthy. Very good speakers. Does whatever he pleases. Loves a comfy life. Destiny to get everything easily. Loves sex. Loves people to please them.





Loves sex. Loves attention. Loves people to please them and gets it. Cunning, uses words to get what they want. Twist their tongue depending on the person who they’re talking to. Good at making themselves look good. Very private about their personal life.

Famous Friday People

Famous Saturday People

Warren Buffet

George Bush

MAN:  Quiet. Not talkative. Very private. Difficult to understand their own emotions. Difficult to explain what they feel. Too slow for other people. Always do things too much or too little. Never in the middle. One does too much, the other does too little. Same as work and personal. Work crazy lazy as hell. When they speak you cry if they yell at you.

WOMAN: Quiet. Will only talk a lot with the people close to them. Good with doing anything in routine. Very good with that. Slow learner but once they learn they can do everything very well.  Never in the middle. Always too much or too little. Ne never in the middle.

Both sleep a lot. Can sleep anywhere at any time. Man is even more especially if he has to use his brain. Then he will sleep a lot..