Weekday Astrology Mastery

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Takes all the guesswork and struggles out of your life journey.

I’m sure…

You have worked a lot on your personal development.

Maybe even tried everything from self-help books to watching TED talks, attending seminars, meditation classes, yoga retreats or even enrolling in personal coaching.

For many:

Sure , they have learned a lot, BUT something is still missing. You know what that one thing is? 

It’s that one piece of the personality puzzle that makes it all click.

Nature’s hidden influence.

So, when you are ready to take that next step in your own self-discovery…

read on.





Your Whole Life is Shaped by One Simple Truth…

Your body, mind, emotions, spouse, and everything else in this world are made of (and influenced by) the same four classical elements as everything else in this world:

Earth, Air, Water Fire.

But what most people don’t realize…

Is just how deep our connection to the elements really is.

The hidden truth is…

You,  your relationships,  actions, daily moods, and even spending habits are all shaped by the four elements and their characteristics.  

I know it’s difficult to connect at first. So, here’s a simple example:

Earth, or more specifically, rock is stable and reliable. But, also stubborn and slow to change.

Can you think of someone in your life who is like that?


It’s not just your personality that’s shaped by the elements.

Every area of your life is influenced by this elemental connection and its qualities.

And, the one factor that determines your elemental strengths and weaknesses depends on:

What day of the Week were you born?

Ask yourself:
Why did our ancestors create the calendar with 7 weekdays?

It’s because, they knew something profound that modern scientists still haven’t figured out. Want to know what it is? 

The Original Weekdays were named after specific large bodies in our solar system:

Sunday  Day of the Sun

Monday Day of the Moon

Tuesday  Day of Mars

Wednesday Day of Mercury

Thursday Day of Jupiter

Friday Day of Venus

Saturday Day of Saturn

On each day, these planets align with earth differently, which has a huge impact on every living being on this planet.

Such a big influence that our ancestors to base their whole calendar system around it, one which we still use to this day.

Just like our moon impacts the ocean’s tides and your emotions and moods; each large planet around us influences our body and mind.

That’s why the day you came into this world has a real influence on you.





Meet Elisa

Elisa said that before studying Feng Shui positions with Aur, she always had trouble sleeping and had suffered acid reflux and breathing problems at night.

But, from the very first night after changing the position of her bed, she started sleeping more deeply than she had in years. And her health improved almost immediately!

Now, she claims that would never go back to sleeping in an “un-Feng Shui’d” bedroom.  smile

Meet Pop

In one of our recent classes Suzana, one of our longest students, shared a little about her journey of studying Feng Shui with Aur. 

In her words,  before Suzana met Aur, she struggled to find money and suffered in her personal relationships. But now because of her time with Mentor Aur she says that she has everything she could possibly ask for in life.

She has fulfilling work, earning her enough money to even invest in property (buying her second condo this year), and her family has never been closer.  We are so proud of Suzana too!

Weekday astrology Mastery

“Know Anyone, In-Depth, Instantly.”





What’s in the Course

Here are the exact topics we cover:

Discover Ancient Taksa

Discover the natural science your ancient ancestors knew and used to create vast empires. Experience the first step of freeing yourself.

Explore Weekday Astrology

Discover how to know anyone’s core personality from the day of the week a person is born and see how what the day you were born says about you. Get to know the 7 Archetypes of the most ancient natural personality profiling system in the history of the world.

Balance Your Body & Mind

We dive further into the nature of each person’s body, according to the day they were born. You will learn about the right elemental nutrition for your body, common Taksa related health problems, and how the mind of each day of the week works differently.

Find Your Power

Learn how to use Taksa to become more confident and learn to influence others, using their individual weaknesses against them. Discover custom negotiation tools for your personal life (spouse, family, friends) and your work-life (boss, staff, and clients).

Enrich Your Work, Love & Stability

Explore each of the 7 archetypes Persona around work and love. Come to understand yourself and your spouse in more detail and learn how to become a better partner.

Plus, find out what your natural career strengths and weaknesses are and what each person needs by nature to feel more stable and content in their life.

Master Your Wealth

Find out how Taksa can explain all your financial habits and how to take control of your spending, and income. Imagine learning how to use the power of nature itself to improve your finances. 

Ascend Support & Habits

This is the week you learn what Taksa says about how your superiors and elders treat you and how to have support when you need it. Discover the daily habits of the 7 Archetype personalities and know how they will act in most situations.

Become Your Best Self

Bring darkness to light. To know how to become our best self, we need to first know our bad side and how to improve ourselves, with REAL results.

We delve into each archetypes natural weaknesses and share how each person can experience TRUE self-improvement.





A little about your facilitator, Aur…

Aur is a life mentor, Feng Shui coach and Weekday Astrology expert.

Her private clients include Forbes billionaires, Royal families, Political leaders, and Brands like Cisco, Philips, and Swarovski Crystal.

For 9 years, her TV show “Aur See You” documented her journey as she helped thousands of people change their lives using a combination of Feng Shui, Mindset, a her unique Weekday Astrology personality profiling system.

Welcome to the Family!

Aur has over 35,000 students around the world. We love spending time together and see ourselves as one (huge) family.

What’s in it for you?

Other students have said that this course helped them:

  • Better understand every aspect of themselves and those they love
  • To instantly know details of anyone’s personality when meeting them
  • Experience deeper professional and personal relationships
  • Gain clarity and focus to understand their own personal development journey
  • More power to take control of their destiny.

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