The Good Ol Days

Before air conditioning, fridges, anti-bacterial wipes and Febreze spray, our ancestors had to create homes which harnessed the natural world around us. They calculated the sun’s direction at all times of the year to allow sunlight into the home in the right places to kill bacteria and stay healthy.

They also thought to shape the buildings in ways which captured and circulated the air, even taking into account the fact that the wind changed direction every 3 months. These ancient structures had minimum dust and were mostly bacteria free. They were built to allow maximum airflow in the summer to keep the property cool when it was hot outside and minimum airflow in the winter, to stay warm. Every aspect of the design had a reason. It was about enjoying the best life possible using the natural surroundings to their benefit. 

This is where Feng Shui originates. It’s the study of how to control or guide, the natural elements in ways which better our lives.

Today’s Architecture

Unfortunately, modern architectural design has changed from its roots. These days, homes are designed for aesthetics, and what is believed to create the highest resale value. They’re not designed for airflow or health. That’s one of the main reasons why people are getting sick quicker, are constantly restless, and suffer problems with sleep. They’ve forgotten the real power and value of nature. It’s not only architecture which has become about looks rather than reason. If you look at our entire Western culture, we’re moving in this direction in all areas of our lives. That’s why spirituality has lost its depth and knowledge is so often neglected in this day and age. But, I digress.  

The point is that, when you ask people what benefits they would like from their home, they’ll tell you something along the lines of comfort or an asset for their future. When really, they could be looking for a home which ensures a healthy, happy family with money to spend.

So, ask yourself. What kind of home would you like? One using original natural architecture? Or modern artsy design?

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