Yes! Some colors will make you have more money every month.


…There’s no such thing a generic “lucky money color” that everyone can use.

In fact: 

The color that makes YOU have more money, will affect other people differently.


Every color impacts each of us differently, in different ways, because of the day of the week we were born.

We will get more into that a little later.

But first, here’s your personal money color to attract more money and wealth into your life, depending on the day you were born:

How your personal money color works

Everything around you is made up of the same four elements. Earth, wind, water, and fire.

These same four elements are also represented your body, thoughts, personality, habits, and behavior.

The balance of the four elements is different for each person because of the huge impact the moon and the sun have on us from the moment we are born.

One person may have more dominant characteristics associated with docile water, whereas others are more active like the air, and so on.

(btw, this is called Weekday Astrology or Taksa.)

That’s why colors (connected to the elements) influence each of us differently.

and why:

Your “lucky” money color won’t help someone else to get rich. It may make them sick, moody, confident or otherwise according to their Weekday Astrology.

Your Money color isn’t a “get rich quick” fix

“What comes in, must go out.”

When you use your money color, you’ll attract more money.


You will want to spend money too! Keep that in mind when using your Taksa money color.

Keep in mind that these colors are PERSONAL colors only.

You can use your money color for any personal items.

But it is NOT necessarily the color that will bring you money if you use it in your home. Those are calculated according to your home, and in fact your money color may make you sick if used in the house.

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