Did you know that the location of your kitchen reveals what kind of food you like?

And Actually…

Simply from knowing where someone’s kitchen is in the house, you can gain lots of insight into their life.


  • Whether they like to cook
  • How often they eat at home vs out.
  • If their food tastes good or lacks creativity
  • How close they are to their family.
  • and even whether you would be a welcome guest for dinner (or not).

So, how is this possible?

Because your home is connected to you and is a physical representation of your life.

For example:

The living room is the area in your home where you entertain friends and guests. So, it makes sense that this room represents your social life.


The kitchen and dining areas reveal a person’s eating habits (for obvious reasons). But, they also tell us something about a family’s dynamics.  That’s because it’s literally where the family comes together.

Although this relationship between our environment and our selves is now being explored through psychological studies, the truth is that it has been known for thousands of years.

As Feng Shui.


What is “Feng Shui”?

Feng Shui is the popular name for the ancient study of the relationship between nature and people. Although commonly associated with China, the concept of this study has been around since the beginning of civilization. Dating back as far as ancient Mesopotamia.

(Ps. Unfortunately, 99% of “Feng Shui” information on the internet is hogwash. This is because the currently popularized Feng Shui is based on 2,000+ years of Chinese whispers and profiteering. More about that in the full Feng Shui Guide)

Read on.


So How Does Feng Shui Predict My Life From My Kitchen?

To answer that question:

We first need one more piece to the puzzle: HOW the location of any room influences a person’s behavior in specific and different ways. The answer to this is already in your mind…

…Or, more accurately:


Your Brain.

You’ve probably heard about how the brain’s left and right hemispheres have different functions, each with their own cognitive strengths and weaknesses

The creative hemisphere and the analytical hemisphere. Right?

What people don’t realize is that it isn’t logic vs. creativity.

It’s masculinity and femininity…. Ying and Yang.

Everything in this universe is a balance of two opposing forces There’s a masculine and feminine side to everything. Including your home.

The Male and Female Sides of Your Home

Every building in the world has a male side and a female side.

The right-hand side of any structure is masculine. So, anything you do in this area of the building is guided and affected by unseen masculine forces.

On the other hand…

A feminine influence steers your action and thoughts when doing anything in the left-side of a building. That way, if your kitchen or any other particular room is in this area, the way you interact with the objects in the room will have certain characteristics aligned with universal female traits.

(We’ll get to how this impacts your eating habits in a moment). 

It is because of these influences that your home reveals everything about you. Once you understand the symbolism of the room combined with the way its position affects your behavior, you’re able to accurately predict a person’s lifestyle.


Let’s use all of this to finally answer the question:


What Does Your Kitchen Feng Shui Reveal About Your Eating Habits?

If your kitchen is on the right, masculine, side of the property:

It shows that you tend to like variety over routine, in the kitchen. Knowing this, we can predict that someone with a kitchen on this side of their home will enjoy trying new foods and get bored easily if they had to have the same thing every night.

They are also likely to try new foods they have never had before.


That’s just how men are.

Males seek variety. They are always interested in new and unexplored things and areas. Males also tend to be more boisterous. This means that if you are dining on this side of the property, it’s more likely that you will have friends over for dinner and enjoy lively conversations at the dinner table.


This is all in contrast with someone whose kitchen is on the left-hand side of their home.

If your kitchen is on the left side, you are more influenced by universal feminine qualities. This means that you would rather stick to what you know, instead of trying new foods when at home.
People with a kitchen on the left-hand side of the property are more likely to eat according to routine and to generally be more conscious of how everything is presented.

Because these are more universal feminine traits of seeking stability and being more attentive to how something looks than their male counterparts.


Simple, isn’t it?

You can go through this same exercise with your living room, bedroom, bathroom etc to see what these rooms reveal about your habits and lifestyle.


This is all just scratching the surface of what your home reveals about you.
Even better,

You can use actually use this Feng Shui connection to have your life the way you want. By making small changes to your home, you are able to change your own behavior and lifestyle to be the way you would like.

This gives you the ability to make effortless improvements to your life, from the outside, in.


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