I don’t want to look dumb

Nobody is perfect.  But, they don’t want others to see that. Or admit being stuck in the same destructive patterns over and over again. They’re afraid to look bad or for others to know their dark secrets. With this in mind, they’re the ones who suffer in the end. They live many lives in the same patterns, avoiding the same truths, making the same mistakes (dating the same shitty people).

Your Best Thinking Got you HERE

In ancient times, people knew that if you spent time with philosophers, you would learn ways to improve yourself and your life, becoming wise in the process. In contrast, if you associated with ignorant or arrogant people, you would stay stupid. Within the confines of your current patterns.

Your own knowledge and experience has created your life as it is today. This is what Karma is. Karma is the pattern you create through your own thinking and actions. What most don’t realize is how many lifetimes they’ve been making the same poor choices.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

If you want your life to change, you need others. There’s always someone smarter than you, who’s passed the stage you’re in. Whether a student or a genius, there’s something to learn from everyone. But it helps to be around those overall smarter or more experienced than yourself, to help lift your whole mental framework to the next level.

New York Best Seller, Tim Ferris, puts it this way (paraphrased): Always aim to be the dumbest person in any room you’re in. Every time you’re with people, seek the opportunity to learn something beyond your current capabilities.

Your Choice. Your Life.

Everyone wants to be successful and rich, so let’s talk about that.

Monk or Millionaire, everyone is seeking some status of success. The question is how many of them are crazy enough to fight till the end for what they want? That’s why we have rich people and poor people and why one monk can reach enlightenment whereas another won’t.

“Gladly would I have my skin and sinews and bones wither and my body’s flesh and blood dry up, if only I may hold out until I win what may be won by human strength, by human energy, by human striving” A Real Buddhawajana quote. (Download a Free Buddhawajana book here)

If one human being can achieve something, we all have the capability to do the same. But you have to have the mindset that you will fight till death to become better, to develop yourself, to get wherever it is you want to be.

Breaking Karma

  1. Seek your weaknesses and what’s bad in you.
  2. Learn from others smarter and more experienced than you are.
  3. Be 100% committed to becoming better.

If you follow these three things, your life will get better.