How would you like to be able to jump to the front of the queue? What about getting special discounts wherever you go?  Would you like best VIP service in any restaurant? What about having immense support to help you to achieve anything you want, at any time?

What do you need to get all of these things? Money? Maybe, but can only get you certain things. People? Definitely.

Truth is, everything you want in your life, is in the hands of another person. If you want a promotion, someone has the power to give it to you. If you want to feel loved, someone has the power to give you that too. Every person you meet in your life has a unique value which can help you, other others you know, in ways you may not even realize.

But, how do get people to want to give you their value? Be of value to them first.

This is something Aur teaches her students constantly. Aur teaches that the most important assets we have are our unique talents, knowledge, and experience combined with the relationships and connections we establish with others around us. Aur always asks the question, why do people need you in their lives? When you become so valuable that their lives would be less without you, they will do anything they can to help you and keep you close.

Let’s explain how in a daily life example. Each time Aur visits her friend who is a jeweler, she brings her a small gift. It’s often a few pieces of fruit she picked up from the markets or a pork dish Aur knows she likes. Just little things. She also sends her jeweler friend clients whenever she hears that someone needs a jeweler for any reason. In the eyes of her jeweler friend, Aur is a valuable friend that always thinks about her and improves business life by sending more customers. Aur never asks her jeweler friend for anything but naturally, the jeweler wants to do something nice for her friend too. So, whenever Aur goes into the jewelry store to repair a piece of jewelry, or to buy something, the jeweler gives Aur a big discount. She wants to please her good friend who always thinks about her and has her in mind.

Let’s look at a business example. One of Aur’s students is an insurance salesman. Many insurance salesmen in Thailand have either lost their businesses or struggle to survive in such as competitive industry, but Aur’s student makes more money than he needs and never needs to look for new clients.

Why? Because he genuinely cares about his clients and makes himself valuable to them. If his client needs to go to the hospital, he meets them there takes care of all their paperwork for them. If their policy is about to lapse, he reminds them and makes sure they’re always covered. He stays up to date with all the latest products and services available and tells his customers when they’re ways they can save money or when they can get better insurance for themselves. It’s valuable for them to have him in their lives. If they go to a different insurance salesman, they won’t get the same level of personal care. He’s made himself unique. He creates a level of irreplaceable benefit to their lives. Without him, their lives would be less.

There’s the key. When you make yourself of irreplaceable value to others, then built and nurture that value you provide for them, you will start to see everything you want flow back to you. The more connections, the more value based relationships you create where you provide irreplaceable benefit to others, the more benefit you too receive.

Always think first, how can you be of value to others. What do you have or what can you do for another which makes you irreplaceable in their lives? It can be as simple as being the one person they can always turn when they need to talk. Or being the one person who always remembers to ask how their kids football games went and or to bring them their favorite lunch at their work now and then.

Spend your life giving to others what is important in their lives, with their benefit in mind, and in turn, they will do the same for you. You will have everything you want in life, gave everything to others, first.