Your Home Reveals Everything

The Hidden Force that influences your habits, thoughts and lifestyle.

Are you curious about how your surroundings impact your life?

If you’re reading this, you’re soon to find out.

Ever have that feeling like you are doing everything right, but it still seems like some invisible force is holding your back?

…There’s a real reason for that…

What about how there are areas of your home which you never use for some reason? Or when you are there, you can never stay for long?

That’s not a coincidence, either…

And, when you’re ready to learn more, I’d like to invite you to join TV personality and consultant to Asia’s wealthiest, Aur, in her 8-week Live online workshop, Your Home reveals Everything

…and discover HOW your home influences every area of your life, using Feng Shui.

What  is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient study of nature that describes and explains exactly how we are connected with our surroundings and how this connection impacts us in our everyday habits and lifestyles.


That’s why:

By learning Feng Shui, you discover how small changes to your surroundings that guide your habits and behavior in ways which allow you to change your life, effortlessly, from the outside-in.

Meet Elisa

Elisa said that before studying Feng Shui with Aur, she always had trouble sleeping and had suffered breathing problems at night.

But, from the very first night after changing the position of her bed, she started sleeping more deeply than she had in years. And her health improved almost immediately!

Now, she claims that would never go back to sleeping in an “un-Feng Shui’d” bedroom.  smile

Meet Suzana

In her words,  before Suzana met Aur, she struggled to find money. And, suffered in her personal relationships. But now she says that she has everything she could possibly ask for in life – thanks to Aur’s Feng Shui.

She has fulfilling work, earning her enough money to even invest in property (buying her second condo this year), and her family has never been closer.  We are so proud of you Suzana!





What is included?

Your Home Reveals Everything is an on-demand (like Netflix) 8 class webinar series hosted by Mentor Aur.

As a student, you’ll get lifetime access to this course, all it’s contents, and bonuses.

Your Home Reveals Everything gives you the tools to live the life you want, by teaching you how to use Feng Shui hacks to effortlessly change your habits and lifestyle.

Students say this has helped them:

  • Understand their entire life in new depths

  • Improve their relationships with their spouse and family

  • Experience greater rest and better sleep

  • Become “naturally” more organized

  • Save more money each month – and make a lot more too!

  • Enjoy a fuller and more exciting sex life

  • Rid themselves of persistent health issues

  • Live a more hassle-free, harmonious, life. 

…and lots more.

Your Home Reveals Everything 





A little about your facilitator, Aur…

Aur is a life mentor, Feng Shui coach and Weekday Astrology expert.

Her private clients include Forbes billionaires, Royal families, Political leaders, and Brands like Cisco, Philips, and Swarovski Crystal.

For 9 years, her TV show “Aur See You” documented her journey as she helped thousands of people change their lives using a combination of Feng Shui, Mindset, a her unique Weekday Astrology personality profiling system.

Welcome to the Family!

Aur has over 36,000 subscribers around the world. We love spending time together and see ourselves as one (huge) family.

It isn’t about the money.

Before we finish, we have to say that for Aur, she doesn’t do this for the money.

In fact:

In 2017, one of Aur’s clients offered her $6,000,000 to fix their hotel business.

She declined.

She did agree to help them. But, only if they promised to donate her entire fee to help the homeless in Thailand (where Aur is from).

I’m not saying this to brag. Just to give you a look into the facilitators point of view.

For Aur, she cares more about the value people gain from bettering their lives.

That’s why:

Aur won’t charge you thousands of dollars for over 8 hours of content and 200 pages of notes (Although it’s totally worth it).

For this entire series of classes, plus bonuses AND full class summaries (totally over 180 pages of content) with perhaps one of the most sought-after mentors in the world only costs a one-time registration payment of $497.

Most of Aur’s clients think she’s crazy to give her knowledge away so cheaply.

But for her, the important thing is that people like you, gain the tools to live the life you deserve.

Hope to see you on the other side.

WE GUARANTEE You’ll Like it.

If, within 30 days of purchasing this course, you feel that it hasn’t been worth it, get in touch and we will give you a full refund. We’re happy when you’re happy. This makes Registering Today, completely risk-free for you.