Q: Aur, you said that feng shui fish tanks and water features in the hallways could make people sick.

Should I put it somewhere else or remove it completely?

Great question!

I’ll answer in two parts:

Firstly, I’ll share why traditional Feng Shui says water is good to have and…


I’ll explain what has changed that makes this wrong in today’s society:

Traditional Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago, when Feng

Shui first appeared…

Most of our ancestors grew plants for food and commerce.

For them, having water meant the difference between starvation and prosperity.

If you had water…

You could grow crops, raise animals, provide for your family and create value for your community.  

The richest people were those with fertile land and a constant flow of fresh water.

This is why original Feng Shui Masters would say it’s good fortune to have water on your land.

By the way

This is also where the idea came from that it is auspicious (lucky) to have a hill at the back of your property.

When there’s a hill…

It protects your crop and topsoil from harsh winds that could destroy a harvest.


So there you have it:

That’s why Traditional Feng Shui practitioners say it’s good to have water in your house – for “good luck and prosperity”.

They’re simply following the old Feng Shui rules from back when we grew our own food.


Do we still grow and sell food to survive these days?

For most of us, no.

We thankfully don’t need a water source (or a hill). We have modern plumbing and completely different livelihoods.  

This popular Feng Shui principle is hugely outdated.

…And misunderstood as something “esoteric” or to do with “chi” energy….

That’s why: 

I never teach my students to have fish tanks or water features in their home.

On the contrary, I tell my students to get rid of them asap.

Here’s why:

The Truth About Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Any unnatural body of water is bad to have in the house. 

Think about it…

Even when a pump circulates the water in a water fountain or aquarium…

…After a short period:

You will see a build-up of algae and bacteria forming in the water.

Here’s the Problem:

All bodies of water collect bacteria and germs. 


As the water naturally evaporates due to surrounding heat sources, the germs and pollutants are dispersed into the air, carried by the water particles. 

We can’t see it with our naked eye, but…

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. 

Once the germs have entered the surrounding air, they spread throughout the house.

As we breathe in the contaminated air, the germs go to work on weakening our immune system. This leads to:

* Frequent illnesses for all of those in the house.

* More common arguments between those in the house due to emotional instability caused by the subtle bacterial bombardment your body experiences.

 Moral of the story:

Don’t buy a Feng Shui fish tank or water feature.

You’ll just end up with a weakened immune system. This will leave you prone to allergies, illness and mood swings leading to arguments with others in the house.

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