READ THIS before buying any “Feng Shui” animal statues.

Do you have any figurines around your home?

If so, they could be subtly influencing your thoughts, emotions, and actions…

…right under your nose. Particularly animal statues and sculptures. 

Before you buy any more decorative farmyard animals for your bathroom, make sure to read this first. 

You may be wondering…

How can it be that a statue can affect me?

Well, there are two reasons:


Any shape in their natural form has significance. There’s a reason each and every physical object in this world was created the way it is.

That’s why an object representing that form will influence a person accordingly.

The image of an animal will embody the essence of that creature, creating an associated influence from that animal on the people near it.


If you see any form, your mind is automatically stimulated with associated feelings, thoughts, and behaviors you have previously associated with that form.

So, in a way, being around the statue keeps those associated feelings and characteristics fresh in your mind. Which subconsciously shape your habits and mood.

So, now that we’ve established how animal statues effect us…

Let’s look at 13 popular Feng Shui animal statues and what thoughts, emotions and behaviors they draw out…

…Here’s how we will do it…

To understand the Feng Shui influence from an animal, we just need to understand the nature of that creature.

Let’s look at each creature’s nature and the associated influence they have as a statue or figurine.


An image of an attacking tiger will have a different effect than one sleeping or in a docile position. When full, tigers don’t do anything. They also live very much alone so you won`t have friends.

In regards to tigers, it depends on how you feel about them.

Do you love tigers? Then they will give you strength. But…

Are you afraid of tigers? Then you won`t receive any good from a tiger sculpture.

People in sales sometimes like to put might put a tiger in their desk to feel like they can attack and conquer their “prey” all the time.

But remember, you can only get what you want when others trust you. You won’t build strong relationships when you constantly want to devour them.


Pigs are always happy.

(Remember, we are thinking about the animals from their perspective. Not about how humans use them.)

Pigs are resourceful and smart. They know how to find their own food,  appreciate comfort, and like to relax whenever they can.

Anyone with pig statures will have similar characteristics. They will always find ways to make money without working too hard. 

Three “Wise” Monkeys

It’s common for a lot of people these days to have the three wise monkeys in their home.

(also known as the See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil monkeys)

But, anyone with this ornament in their home will have little communication with the others in the house. Think about it, a monkey covers up his mouth, one covers his eyes and the other covers his ears. 

Doing so cuts off all communication with those around you.

That’s why:

Having the 3 wise monkeys is only good for a hermit. Someone who doesn’t want to see, hear or speak to other people. 

Wild Horses

Wild horses are usually very private animals.

They don’t like people coming too close to them. However, things change if you buy one of those statues with the foul and it’s mother as it denotes a different relationship.

However, the overall nature of wild horses is that they are so emotional.

Whenever anybody goes close to them they get excited and frightened. This is not a personality trait you would want to pick up, right?


Can you guess how a chicken statue would influence your life?

If you guessed that having a chicken would make you work constantly…

…you’re right!

Chickens need to keep moving about to find food. They can’t stop pecking.

Similarly, whoever has chicken statues will likely share this character trait. They will have to constantly work just to keep up with life. Like caught in a hamster wheel.

This is the same for other “constant nibbler” bird sculptures like roosters, pigeons, and hummingbirds.


Talking about birds!

What about the famous lawn flamingoes? The ones you see in the movies with the plastic pink bodies and wireframe legs…

These birds aren’t smart and always want to flock together. They can’t be alone. 

If you have flamingo statues, you’ll share these traits (sorry) and won’t ever be able to be independant


It’s not what you think…

Although you may first think that having rabbits may make you fertile or promiscuous, in truth it’s different.

Rabbits are hyper-aware panicky little creatures.

Anyone with a collection of rabbits is likely to share these traits, and most likely be quite cowardice. 


Similar to a rabbit.

Deers are relatively cowardice animals. The good thing about deers though is that when there is something wrong in the jungle, they are the first to know.

They have a kind of six sense for pending danger and are the first to flee to safety.

If you have a deer statue, you’ll share similar traits.

Water Buffalos

Here’s the good news!

Water buffaloes are a good statue to have according to Aur’s Feng Shui.

(in fact, almost all of Aur’s Feng Shui students have one in their home) 

Unlike their cow counterparts, water buffaloes are incredibly smart animals who know how to take care of themselves.

Their minds are good, calm and peaceful. They never think to harm others and are almost unable to lose their temper.

Water buffaloes are also loyal, creating lifelong relationships with both other buffaloes and humans alike.

Most people who have water buffalos in their home are rich. Or, at least have money to spend.


We all know that owls symbolize knowledge.


Did you know that the owl specifically represents “thinking – not action”, and knowledge that is unique which cannot be passed down?

Owls are animals that have specialist skills and an understanding of how to hunt. But, they are unable to pass on this knowledge to other animals. Ie. I monkey can’t copy an owl’s hunting methods.

For this reason:

Owls are ok for a specialist to have in their home. Someone who cares deeply about academics and knowledge. But, it wouldn’t help them create relationships with others. 


Turtles may mean long life but…

The REASON they live long is because EVERYTHING happens so s-l-o-w-l-y

Placing turtles in your home will make everything in your life move too slowly. Certainly not recommended for anyone who wants an interesting, fast-paced, life.

The other problem is:

If you move too slowly, you’ll often miss out on many opportunities in your life which could lead to frustrations – for as looong as you could live.


Now, if you’ll notice.

Almost 90% of all “frog” statues, especially in Feng Shui are not frogs. 

They are toads. And what are toads?

Lovely and cute? No! Toads are poisionous, disastrous, animals that eat everything and are generally hated by all people, everywhere.

So, if you have a frog (toad), people probably won’t want to be around you and will see you in a bad way.


The elephant is often seen as the leader or most powerful animal on land. 

So, how would having an elephant statue in your home impact your life?

If you have a Feng Shui elephant statue, you have the power to control or champion over other people. But, this is only the case if you have an elephant statue that looks like it is ready for battle, with a raised trunk. If you have a playful or docile elephant statue it will not have the same impact. 

A little Elephant Extra

Want to use an elephant statue to make you more wealthy?

Find a statue of two elephants having sex. In the past, rich people always used to always have this symbol in their homes and offices.

This is because when a male elephant is in this state of mind, nobody can go near him. He is too powerful. 

Whereas, the mother elephant will have a mind focused on becoming a mother. It is very difficult for an elephant to have a baby, so this moment signifies something quite special. 

By capturing this moment, the statue embodies the most important personality traits required to become successful. 

Firstly, to become 100% focused and unstoppable. Secondly, to have the mind of giving and wanting to nuture or help others. 

These are the two qualities that will lead a person to success.

When elephants cohabit the male gender is so powerful that nobody can go close to him. The female elephant has the full intention that she is going to be the mother. It`s very difficult for an elephant to have a baby because she has to carry it for 2 years. The personalities enforced are strong, powerful, and the mother is giving. These are the qualities rich people should have.

So. Now that you know, what animal statue do you want in your home? 

Comment below.