People always say that, if they knew the future, their lives would be perfect.

That’s bullshit. Even when people hear something bad about their future from a fortune-teller, they still do as predicted. Because they never change. They just do whatever they want in each moment.

Only if you change who you are, can your future be any better. People do the same things over and over again according to what they want, feel in the moment, or are used to. Rarely do people take action based on what is simply right or good to do.  That’s why your future is the way it is. It’s the result of who you are and the actions you take.

That’s why Buddha teaches that the most important moment is the present.

People live their lives stuck in the past while afraid of the future. They do whatever they feel like in the moment, without using their mind to create a better tomorrow for themselves. Remember, your life today is the direct result of your actions in the past, and your future depends entirely on what you do today.

People dream of one thing but do actions towards another. Most want to be rich but waste their time. They never educate themselves or study others who have gotten to where they want to be. I know someone who’s always dreamed of being a writer, but he never writes. What’s the point of wishing, without doing something about it?

The truth is, the best fortune teller should be wrong. I could predict something bad to happen in your future. But, if you changed yourself to be better today, it wouldn’t happen. Then, I’d be wrong. But, it would be useful, right?

Before going to a fortune teller or consulting tarot cards, ask yourself. What the F*$# is the point of knowing your future unless to better yourself today?And, If you find something that you can change, do you commit to doing what is best for yourself? What if, it isn’t what you want or feel like, right now? Even if it’s not who you are, or have been in the past? Can you make the real commitment to change?

The future is always in your hands, in this present moment.