Feng Shui Color Mastery

The Secret to using Colors for Better Health, Relationships and Financial Wealth.

What if your home attracted more income like whoa, harmoneously improved your relationship AND reduced hassles and drama?

Here’s a secret: 

It can, with real Feng Shui.

Look, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of “Feng Shui” advice before.

Maybe you have even tried Feng Shui cures and so-called lucky objects, self-proclaimed “Feng Shui Masters” have recommended.

For many, they feel frustrated…

They spent thousands on getting a Feng Shui Master to tried all these Feng Shui “fixes” – with little to no results. I’m not surprised!

Popular Feng Shui, from the Chinese lineage, is not the original form of Feng Shui. In fact, it’s even missing the key piece of nature’s puzzle that makes it all click. 

When you are ready to learn what that is, read on.

What  is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient study of nature that describes and explains exactly how we are connected with our surroundings and how this connection impacts us in our everyday habits and lifestyles.

That’s why:

By learning Feng Shui, you discover how small changes to your surroundings that guide your habits and behavior in ways which allow you to change your life, effortlessly, from the outside-in.

Meet Elisa

Elisa said that before studying Feng Shui positions with Aur, she always had trouble sleeping and had suffered acid reflux and breathing problems at night.

But, from the very first night after changing the position of her bed, she started sleeping more deeply than she had in years. And her health improved almost immediately!

Now, she claims that would never go back to sleeping in an “un-Feng Shui’d” bedroom.  smile

Meet Suzana

In one of our recent classes Suzana, one of our longest students, shared a little about her journey of studying Feng Shui with Aur. 

In her words,  before Suzana met Aur, she struggled to find money and suffered in her personal relationships. But now because of her time with Mentor Aur she says that she has everything she could possibly ask for in life.

She has fulfilling work, earning her enough money to even invest in property (buying her second condo this year), and her family has never been closer.  We are so proud of Suzana too!





How Do Feng Shui Colors Work?

The right colors are different for every house and each person. 

…and it’s all according to the Natural Elements.

In authentic Feng Shui, there is no generalization of “good” or “bad”.

Where a red door may help your neighbor become wealthier, that same door could welcome sickness and problems into your family home.


Each house, and person, is different.

In fact, in authentic Feng Shui, each house has a particular set of elemental characteristics, with their own strengths, and weaknesses.

Similar to a personality.

And, in this course you will learn how to calculate your home and office’s specific elemental personality to know how your particular home connects with your own personality, and what that means for your daily habits, and lifestyle.


How each color affects each person in the house.

I.e., which colors:

  • Attract more money, and which family member will benefit the most 
  • Create problems and in what form they will come, for whom
  • Will cause things to break in your house or make someone sick
  • Make you more mindful (or stressed if used wrongly)
  • Will bring you and your partner closer together

…I can hear you ask…what makes each person different?


Click here to find out 🙂

The way a color connects with you vs me is different according to the day of the week we are each born.

For example:

The color blue will generally make someone born on a Thursday more confident, and help them to have influence over others…

…whereas that exact same color will make anyone born on a Sunday go unnoticed and unappreciated when with others.

The reason for this has to do with the planets alignment when we are born and is covered in-depth in the Weekday Astrology course, Taksa Mastery.

And the amazing thing is…

When you put both the individual elemental characteristic of a person based on the day they were born.. together with the elemental character of their house, you can see the precise affect every color has on them in their home.

That way…

Once you know the exact effect each color has, you gain the power to transform virtually any aspect of your life using the colors you live in.

This is the benefit of learning this Feng Shui Color Mastery Course.





What’s Included in the Course?

Welcome to the Family!

With a community of over 36,000 students and friends around the world, we see ourselves as one (huge) family.

A little about your facilitator, Aur…

Aur is a life mentor, Feng Shui coach and Weekday Astrology expert.

Her private clients include Forbes billionaires, Royal families, Political leaders, and Brands like Cisco, Philips, and Swarovski Crystal.

For 9 years, her TV show “Aur See You” documented her journey as she helped thousands of people change their lives using a combination of Feng Shui, Mindset, a her unique Weekday Astrology personality profiling system.

WE GUARANTEE You’ll Like it.

Try it out for 30 days. If you feel that the lessons aren’t for you, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. This makes Registering Today, completely risk-free for you.