Can Wind Chimes Save Lives?

Can Wind Chimes Save Lives?

Feng Shui consultants often recommend buying wind chimes to dispel “negative energies” and even attract money, health, friendship.

But what the hell are they talking about?

If wind chimes were so great, wouldn’t shop owners who sell wind chimes be secret billionaires who never had a bad day?

The truth is, even most self-professed “Feng Shui Masters” don’t truly understand how wind chimes (or many other “Feng Shui cures”) actually help. That’s why when you ask them about it, they’ll give you vague answers and…

have trouble explaining what the real benefits of having wind chimes are and how to use them.

We asked Feng Shui Expert, Aur, what was really going on with the little wooden and metal songbirds.

Aur, is it good to have wind chimes?

First, let me ask you something…

Do you have government provided electricity at the front of your house? Like low-voltage power lines or transformers? If so, you might need a wind chime.

Here’s why:

All wires, transformers, and power plants emit various forms of electro and/or magnetic radiation. Engineers have found great ways to reduce most high-frequency radiation Ultrasonic (with shielding and insulation), which was believed to be the most dangerous. Until recently.  

You Can’t Stop All Radiation

The problem is…

…By nature, certain radiation cannot be stopped with insulation.

And now, scientists are only just realizing how damaging these subtle electromagnetic waveforms can be (that’s a link to an interesting scientific article on electromagnetic energy and our health).

Some studies have gone so far as to suggest a link between certain cancers, including childhood leukemia, and prolonged exposure such electromagnetic radiation.

Some studies have gone so far as to suggest a link between certain cancers, including childhood leukemia, and prolonged exposure such electromagnetic radiation.


Sound Disrupts Radiation

Fortunately, there is something that can lessen the negative influences of radiation:

Sound.  Like radiation,

Like radiation, sound is also a waveform which affects and travels across the same air particles as radiation.

When the two opposing waveforms meet, they disrupt each other. See how we are slowly circling back to the wind chimes? Anything that makes a sound can counter radiation to some degree.


The Wind

The wind carries many things, including electromagnetic radiation.

This is because:

The charged energy in the air affects the tiny air particles which move with the wind flow (Feng Shui).

Starting to see the real reason wind chimes are such a great natural remedy?

When the wind blows to your home (carrying the charged particles with it), the wind chimes start to tinkle, lightly disrupting subtle negative EM effects.


Size Matters

Read this before you go to Amazon looking for wind chimes.

A small wind chime won’t help much if…

There is a large power station at your doorstep.

Be aware when you choose a place to live that there aren’t any large transformers or power stations in front of the building.


Harmony and Tones

Don’t worry too much about how loud or softly your wind chime is or what tone they make.

Any wind chime should fine.

Remember, some of the most powerful sounds are those which we cannot even hear, like Infra & Ultrasonic sounds, which are created by the natural harmonic overtones produced by wind chimes.

Wind Chimes Go Outside

Before you comment below asking about placement, let me say this.

There’s no need to place it in the South West, South, East or whichever direction’s corner. Unless…

That’s where the wind blows from. If there is no wind, there is no sound from the wind chime.

No sound… no point.

The best place for wind chimes is outside between yourself and the source of the electrical pollution. Otherwise, what’s the point? Real Feng Shui isn’t about pleasantries. It’s about results.  

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4 Spiritual Products which don’t do what you think..

4 Spiritual Products which don’t do what you think..

“Spiritual” is big business these days. Make sure that – before spending your hard-earned money – you know what you’re buying. Remember, mindfulness is free and so is aspiring to become a better person. But, we live in a material world, and Hey! Who doesn’t like to shop?? So, here are 4 common spiritual products which don’t do what people think they do. 

Spiritual Products #1 – Home Cleansing Sage Sticks


Many consider ritualistically burning sage in their home to be cleansing. They believe that it absorbs conflicts, anger, and evil. Many walk around with burning sage after moving into a new house or when experiencing “bad” situations in their life. were Some people simply do a seasonal “cleanse” now and then.

Now, the burning of herbs in this sense has been around for thousands of years. But, it doesn’t ward off spirits or clean a space’s chi or energy. For thousands of years, our ancestors used the smoke from different herbs, for their health benefits. Sage, along with rosemary, coconut husks and other natural smoky materials naturally have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. They’ve long helped protect people from harmful illnesses (or “evils”). Our ancestors knew that using this smoke in their homes would keep them healthier and happier. That’s why they used it. Nothing to do with “energy” or the metaphysical.

Spiritual Products #2 – Himalayan Salt Lamps


These lamps are popular in crystal and spiritual shops. Himalayan Salt Lamps are seen to have calming effects and good for your overall health. People believe they help improve moods, reduce negative influences from electricity, improve sleep and increase their energy levels. They’re also pretty to look at. These lamps are extremely popular these days. Households around the world now have one.

Before we discuss how salt lamps effect our health, let’s talk about the ocean. Many people love living near the ocean. As an Australian myself, I understand the draw of the deep blue green just as well as the other 80+% of Australians living on or near the coast. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the constant sea breeze affects your health? The constant inflow of salt particles, over time, causes similar health problems to that of a highly salty diet. In the long term, this barrage of sodium weakens people’s kidneys and lungs, causing a myriad of health issues. Additionally, because it’s air born, the salt particles dry out the skin and cause people to show accelerated signs of aging and lose their skin’s natural elasticity at a relatively young age.

Salt lamps also release salt, into the air with similar long-term effects. In the short term, chemicals present in addition to the salt particles have euphoric qualities. Basically meaning that people get a little micro-high from these lamps, which is why they’re enjoying all of that deep sleep.

Spiritual Products #3 – Tibetan Prayer Flags


These colorful square pieces of cloth are frequently considered as good luck items for any house, with powerful prayers and symbols written on each. People believe that the prayers and mandalas create positive energy for the surrounding area as the blow in the wind.

It’s not entirely far from the truth. Tibetan prayer flags are used for protection from evil entities and misfortune. Each of the prayers have a meaning and power too. However, without a monks blessing, they’re useless. The most powerful thing in the whole world is the mind. So, the power of any blessings, spells or prayers depends entirely on the person performing the ritual. Real Tibetan flags, when used, are accompanied by a blessing ceremony performed by monks with years of practice cultivating the powers and focus of the mind. It’s their mind’s power which creates the effectiveness of the flags’ protection. So, although authentic Tibetan flags can be powerful objects, without the right mind or prayer, they’re not much more than just pieces of cloth.

Spiritual Products – Feng Shui Water Features


Traditional Chinese Feng Shui associates Water with money. This is why they consider it good “chi” to have flowing water within a house. They believe it represents the flowing of money into a person’s life. It’s also commonly said that flowing water pools positive or auspicious chi energy. In turn, allowing wealth and abundance to flow into your life with fresh opportunities.

But, like we explain in our new book “Your Home Reveals Everything About You”, this is because of antiquated advice used over 2,000 years ago. In the past when we all mostly farmers, having water on your property meant you were able to grow crops and feed animals. How much water you had literally determined your wealth. That’s why it was seen as good luck or beneficial to have water on your property.

The problem is that we don’t grow our own crops anymore (well, most of us don’t). Also, water is pumped directly into our homes without needing to dig it up or carry it. It’s already good luck just be to alive in a time of such wonderful convenience if you think about it. So the advice is outdated. But more importantly, it’s detrimental to our health and relationships. 

Think about it. When there is an unnatural body of water, bacteria and other organisms start to collect and thrive. As the water naturally evaporates slowly into the atmosphere, these pollutants spread into the surrounding atmosphere. If placed in your home, you breathe in these impurities, in turn affecting your immune system. Basically, having a water feature will make you sick more often, and moody, and result in more frequent arguments in the house.

Aim of the story

Be careful when buying “spiritual” products. Remember, everything in this world has a reason. But sometimes the reason is pure capitalism. Just think before buying things and always look for logic and reason when purchasing new age or spiritual products.

Modern Vs Ancient Architecture

Modern Vs Ancient Architecture

The Good Ol Days

Before air conditioning, fridges, anti-bacterial wipes and Febreze spray, our ancestors had to create homes which harnessed the natural world around us. They calculated the sun’s direction at all times of the year to allow sunlight into the home in the right places to kill bacteria and stay healthy.

They also thought to shape the buildings in ways which captured and circulated the air, even taking into account the fact that the wind changed direction every 3 months. These ancient structures had minimum dust and were mostly bacteria free. They were built to allow maximum airflow in the summer to keep the property cool when it was hot outside and minimum airflow in the winter, to stay warm. Every aspect of the design had a reason. It was about enjoying the best life possible using the natural surroundings to their benefit. 

This is where Feng Shui originates. It’s the study of how to control or guide, the natural elements in ways which better our lives.

Today’s Architecture

Unfortunately, modern architectural design has changed from its roots. These days, homes are designed for aesthetics, and what is believed to create the highest resale value. They’re not designed for airflow or health. That’s one of the main reasons why people are getting sick quicker, are constantly restless, and suffer problems with sleep. They’ve forgotten the real power and value of nature. It’s not only architecture which has become about looks rather than reason. If you look at our entire Western culture, we’re moving in this direction in all areas of our lives. That’s why spirituality has lost its depth and knowledge is so often neglected in this day and age. But, I digress.  

The point is that, when you ask people what benefits they would like from their home, they’ll tell you something along the lines of comfort or an asset for their future. When really, they could be looking for a home which ensures a healthy, happy family with money to spend.

So, ask yourself. What kind of home would you like? One using original natural architecture? Or modern artsy design?

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Why This Feng Shui Expert has 2,000 students but none become consultants.

Why This Feng Shui Expert has 2,000 students but none become consultants.

The Feng Shui expert interviewed for this article spent over 25 years consulting for some of Asia’s wealthiest families including Forbes 100 members and members of Royalty.  In her many years, she conducted private consultations for over $5 Billion in property and hosted one of Asia’s Top Feng Shui TV shows.

Although having retired from consulting work over 5 years ago, Aur has not stopped using her vast knowledge of ancient ways. She currently has over 2,000 students, some of which have studied with her for over 5 years, but none of them have ventured into the (often lucrative) world of Feng Shui consultancy.

It may seem strange, at first. But when we spoke to Aur herself about this, it made sense.  See for yourself why none of her students become Feng Shui consultants.

“People often assume that learning Feng Shui is something only for architects or decorators,” said Aur.

Feng Shui Misconceptions

 They think that you can only use it when renovating or building a property. What they forget is that Feng Shui is a study of how a person’s surroundings, and the world as a whole, influences their daily lives. No matter what they do for a living.When my students come to study, they do it because they want to improve their own lives. Some may have marital problems or may want to make more money. It’s never about using it as a career move (although they do all use Feng Shui in their own workplace now).

Once you understand how your surroundings influence your life, you can use it to your advantage. You can transform basically any area of your life using it. Because everything in our home symbolizes who we are and our life. This is why all my students are able to know anyone’s entire life, from their personality to the way they have sex, just from the person’s floorplan. It’s not supernatural, it’s a blend of natural science and social psychology. Just not in the way you’re currently taught in Western schools.

After studying with me they use it to improve their own circumstances. For example, once most of my students see the effect their bathroom has their monthly spending, they make the simple changes necessary to keep more money at the end of each month. Similarly, once they see how their bed’s position is ruining their body, they shift it for better rest and health.

Wrong Feng Shui is Dangerous

My students also know the dangers of using authentic Feng Shui for other’s lives. Real Feng Shui has significant effects on a person’s life. It can make them rich, or it can make them poor too. You can even kill a person using Feng Shui. When consulting for others, you cannot afford to make a mistake. You must have the precision and accuracy of a physician. Most don’t reach that level.

But the problem is that people out there still do perform consultations without properly understanding the underlying effect it has on the people. If they do something which harms the person or negatively alters their life, the advisor or consultant will pay the price for their mistake.

This is why most Feng shui consultants’ lives worsen over time. They’re using something they don’t fully understand and they’re making mistakes.

Help Yourself

If you ask me, my students are happy helping themselves with Feng Shui. They already have everything they could possibly want after studying. For example, one of my students used it to improve their personal finances. They went from living in a rented house with no assets to over $2.5 Million in assets within 2 years. Another used it to increase her small business’s income from $2,000 a month to $10,000 a month.

But it isn’t just a person’s finances which improves with Feng Shui. Every one of my students love how they’ve been able to use Feng Shui to improve their own relationships, health, careers, mindset, and basically every area of their life.

That’s why none of my 2,000 students chose to be consultants.

Aur is providing full 3-day workshops in Australia in 2017. For more information and tickets, go to:

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What Land Shapes say about Your Life

What Land Shapes say about Your Life

(The following article on land shapes is an excerpt from our upcoming book, titled "How your home reveals everything about you", out now on

Every shape in our lives has meaning and influences our lives in some way. The parcel of land your home is one of the simplest examples of this connection between shapes and our lives. For example, the shape of your land shows whether your life will be stable or changing. Each shape has particular benefits and drawbacks associated with it’s represented element.  Let’s look at the three most common land shapes and what they mean for the inhabitants.


EarthEarth is a predominantly a stable Feng Shui element. Earth doesn’t change or move much (in comparison to other elements). The great thing about Earth is that it can be depended and counted on. Earth also doesn’t need any support. Its needs are simple in the world of elements.

However, if you want something to change, Earth is the last thing that could help you. Earth is stubborn and set in its ways. Therefore it requires a long time and effort for any change to occur.


Those living here will have stable lives*. People living, or working here will experience little to no change over the years. If they’re poor, they’ll stay poor, if rich, they’ll stay rich. Life will remain the same. The good thing is that the inhabitant’s life can’t get worse while living there. On the flipside, if life is already bad, it won’t better either.

*Noteworthy: The exact details of their life depend on the property’s address, the day of the week the inhabitants were born, and the colors they’ve used in their home. These are more advanced topics for future books.



woodWood starts its life cycle as part of a living organism. It moves, breathes, and grows over time.  Therefore we see wood as a stable while somewhat flexible Feng Shui element, which changes and evolves over time.

So the great thing about wood is that, when we nurture and provide the right environmental for wood, it can flourish. But, without constant nourishment from outside sources, it becomes sick. It’ll weaken, and eventually die.

Most properties are some variation of a rectangle. They may be long and narrow or short and wide. No matter how wide or narrow the rectangle is, each one is seen as the same.


Anyone living on a property like this will have a relatively stable life. But it will require constant effort to maintain this stability. Without their continual input and effort, their lives will deteriorate. Similar to how a tree needs multiple inputs to retain its vigor.

Change is certainly possible for the people living here but it takes time, and progress is slow. These people don’t like to change too much too quickly. Because it’s wood, they’ll need a lot of favorable factors in their lives to see improvement. It won’t be easy.



FireYou’ll see triangle land shapes on corners or intersections. This symbolizes fire. Fire is a Feng Shui element which has unique qualities but needs regular fuel to maintain itself. The product or results seen from a fire depend solely on the fuel provided.


The good thing about this shape is that it can make the inhabitant successful and prosperous. But, this can only happen if they own a business or have a job that requires a highly specialized skill or their unique knowledge.

It’s the owner’s ability and personal value that fuels the fire and which can make them prosperous. But because they’re the fuel, their success cannot be passed down to the next generation or achieved without them. Any person who follows them will have to be unique in their way.

Finally, if a company is on this property, it will be best for them to conduct specialized work, with uniquely skilled employees who are experts or specialists in their field.


Image credit: Martin Driver | Wallpaper Safari

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3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips

3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips

“3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips” is an excerpt taken directly from the pages of our book, “Your Home Reveals Everything.” 

Every space is different according to Feng Shui expert advisor, Aur. But even so, there are some great tips to enhance your efforts in ANY workspace, either at home or in an office. Here are the top 3 Feng Shui office tips to help you get the best from your efforts.


One of the simplest Feng Shui fixes in any work area is the filing system. Any un-kept files or work kept directly behind where you sit to work represents unfinished tasks. If you don’t file things away carefully, you’ll continuously have new work coming in before being able to finish previous responsibilities. By filing things away properly, you’ll be able to complete each task, without becoming overburdened.



Just like a structure or area of land, a desk can also be broken down into different particular areas. Each of these areas influences our behavior differently. We usually determine a Feng Shui area of influence from the front road. However, a desk is different.


A desk has four areas of influence. Man, Woman, Girl, and Boy. Each area has a particular impact on your work and interaction with objects on the desk.

The adult areas are at the back of your desk and have the highest importance. Don’t put your inbox or to-do list in this area. If you do, when you’re processing one task, another, more important task will usually interrupt you. You’ll have a hard time getting any work finished.

The front child areas are where the most movement occurs. Anything you place on your desk in these sectors will come and go quickly from your desk. It’s better to keep work that needs to be done in either of these areas to help you complete tasks quickly.

When thinking about where to place your computer on a table, consider how you will use the computer. Do you use it mostly for emails and communication? Then putting it in the Boy area would be best. Whereas if you use your computer for something that requires a high level of detail, the woman area would be better suited. Each area of the desk will have its strengths and weaknesses. The best area depends on the work.



The direction, in which a person sits, can show you how aware they are of everything in their business or office. They might know what everyone else is doing in the business. Or they may only be aware of their responsibilities. It depends on the way their desk is facing. Both are useful depending on the person’s job.

Take a blogger for example. There’s probably no need for them to know what everyone else is doing in the company. But, if you’re in HR, it’s your responsibility to be aware of everything in the company. Having this added awareness enables you to prepare for changes and direct your staff accordingly.


Desk Facing the Road

When someone faces towards the road, they’ll be aware of everything happening in their business or work environment. Whoever sits here will have an awareness of things to come and be able to plan ahead

This is great if they need to know every detail of what’s happening in the business. But be warned. If a naturally detail oriented manager sits here, they’ll become meticulous once facing their desk to the road. Others may feel they micromanage too much.

If the person working here doesn’t need to know what others are doing, they may become too involved with others when their desk is facing the road.


Desk parallel

Anyone with the road on their left or right will know some, but not all things happening in their work environment. This position is useful if you don’t want to be overburdened by every little detail of everything in the company, while still wanting to stay informed about things happening around you.


Desk Facing Away from the Road

This direction is great when you don’t need to know everything going on around you. It will allow you to focus solely on your work. People with their backs to the road will be unaware things happening outside of their responsibilities. The problem is that they won’t have any foresight of future projects or tasks. People facing this way have a hard time planning their work in advance.

Where is your desk facing? Was it accurate for your workspace? Let’s talk about it.

To learn how every room in your home influences your habits, lifestyle and even sex life, read the full book “Your Home Reveals Everything about you,” now available on Amazon.

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