Aur’s Life Story


Aur’s grandfather emigrated to Thailand from China when he was 21. To pay the bills, he sold Thai pastries as a street vendor. He lived quite a normal younger life marrying twice and having a large family of 7 kids.

But his life changed in his early 40s when he met his Mentor, a solitary monk.

Others thought the monk was crazy. He would often talk to ghosts and sleep in abandoned houses. This monk was also capable of things others couldn’t believe. He could seemingly control the elements and alter aspects of reality with his mind.

Agong once told Aur a story, the monk was even able to reattach the severed limb of a forest worker with his hands, with no sign of the injury.

As soon as Aur’s grandfather saw this man, he simply knew this was his mentor. He started living a more monastic life. He spent much of his time meditating in the forests with his new mentor. He spent many years studying how to control the mind and meditate until his mentor passed away.

As he attained higher levels of consciousness and meditation, he started receiving certain natural gifts.


Nature’s Gifts

One of these gifts was a vast knowledge of natural and herbal medicines. He learned how to change mercury, a typically poisonous liquid metal, into a  healing substance through slow purification. People don’t realize that mercury is only toxic because it soaks up poisons within its environment. Once purified, it becomes a solid metal that acts as a sponge, soaking up any toxins in its environment.

So when for example it is worn as a ring by a person or a necklace it can extract toxins within the body with which it is in contact with. Continuously healing the body. Even modern science today does not know about the potential healing qualities of mercury but through meditation, he gained the knowledge of how to use this material.

He also gained the ability of foresight, being able to see any future event he wished to view. People started coming to him to help them with their lives, healing their many illnesses, providing them advice in their lives or teaching them meditation. He never in his whole life asked for money from anyone who came to ask him for help and for a living at this time he sold Thai pastries as a street vendor.


Becoming Famous

Over time his gifts and wisdom became well known around the country, attracting attention from politicians, business individuals and even members of the royal family. Although never learning how to write or read Thai and lacking any formal education he became a spiritual teacher to many. At one stage Thailand’s King monk (essentially the pope but of Buddhism) came to study meditation with him for a period of time.

Aur’s mother had started meditating at the age of 2. Because she started so young with her father as her teacher, she quickly gained gifts of her own. By an early age, she had become well gifted at seeing future events. She could also leave her body in meditation, visiting any location with her mind.

Aur’s mother spent her childhood and young adulthood helping her father heal and consult people who came to visit him. This often meant helping 100’s of people each week in his later years. She learned how to work with the mercury and other medicines (although not as advanced as her father).

This is how Aur’s mother met Aur’s father. Aur’s father came from a wealthy family in the area. But, was already gravely ill at a young age, with various serious chronic health issues. Previous medical specialists told him there was nothing they could do for him. So he visited the famous healer and his daughter (Aur’s grandfather & mother) who were able to maintain his health and keep him alive. Every week he visited them for healing and specially made medicine.


Love & Loss

Aur’s father fell in love with Aur’s mother and wanted to marry her. Aur’s mother could see that he would be very wealthy in the future. She wanted to help her father by marrying a man who could take care of them. Aur’s grandfather disapproved of his daughter marrying. He said it would be better for her if she killed herself than getting married, because of the level of her mind. He said that she had come so far in her spiritual path and getting married would be a foolish thing to do.

Aur’s grandfather also predicted that he would die at a young age. He said that he would one day leave her behind with 4 kids to take care of by herself. He asked if she wanted that life. She could also see this future for herself.  She knew that if married him, he would die shortly after her father. Because without her father’s healing his body would not survive.

For 12 years Aur’s mother stayed with her healer father and did not marry the young man. But each week Aur’s father would come to visit for healing and spend time with the woman he loved. Finally, after 12 long years, Aur’s mother chose to run away with Aurs father and get married. A week later she returned to visit her father who was very ill physically from sadness. He felt she had done the wrong thing for herself. Aur’s mum and dad returned every week they were married to visit for healing and help Aur’s grandfather however they could.



After 6 months of being married Aur’s father asked to sit with his wife. For Aur’s father, her mother was both his wife who he loved but also his healer who had saved his life. Plus she was a highly evolved spiritual being. You could say their relationship was unique.  Usually Aur’s mother wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her. But this time, he held her hand in his and said “it’s been six months now that we have been married. Would you like to have a child”? Aur’s mother – who knew nothing of this sense of the world – replied: “yes, of course, I would love a child, I’ve been waiting for she bird to bring one!”. She was entirely serious. At the age of 29, she still had no concept of sex or any part of the reproduction process! She had had a unique upbringing.

As predicted, Aurs father became wealthy. At one point, Aurs family was one of the most affluent families in Thailand due to his property development business. His company was the first to ever send a construction team to Saudi Arabia, at the beginning of the regions growth.

Aur often got very bored when listening to her grandfather teaching other people but loved it when he would show her magic or show her how to do the mercury. As a young child, she witnessed her grandfather holding incredible power over the world around him, being able to turn water into ice or even fire into ice simply with his mind.

Also, she remembers very fondly of her grandfather once talking to someone when a king cobra had passed by. The bystander wanted to kill the animal, but her grandfather said “no, it just wants water” and leant down with water in his hand. The cobra drank from his hand.  Other times her grandfather would levitate during meditation. These things would for him be how he played with her while she was young.


Aur’s Childhood Oddities

For Aur, growing up around things others didn’t believe were real was normal. Both her grandfather and her mother could see anything of anyone’s future and often see into the minds of others and what they were thinking. This is how (before her grandfather died) he was able to warn Aur that she would at one point need a particular medicine because she would get cancer. (In her late 30s Aur developed an early stage of breast cancer which she was able to treat and keep at bay with the herbal recipe her grandfather gave her 30 years before)

Just like her father Aur also had many physical ailments at a young age especially with her heart and specialist doctors said she would not live past 20. Her grandfather would provide her with medicine and healing when she visited each week.


Death & Respect

Before his death, Aur’s grandfather already knew and told everyone when he would die. He knew this from his gift. He passed away in his 70s, roughly 30 years after meeting his mentor. The day he died he said his goodbyes, closed his eyes and went into meditation, never getting up again.

For his funeral, his body was placed in a coffin and carried by a 3 km long procession including the royal family, the prime minister, many celebrities, politicians, and thousands of others. (her grandfather was a huge man, by the way, 2 meters and 10 cms tall and build very stocky). Here is a video of Aur and her students, visiting his home old home.

A visit to Aur’s grandfather’s 

Aur, and a few of her student’s visit Aur’s grandfather’s house a few hours drive from Bangkok.


Usually, bodies are burnt in the temples in Thailand but for Aurs grandfather the people of the province built a funeral pyre especially for him. The fire was donated from the palace by the king, which is seen as the highest of honor.

After his body had been burned, they found that his bones had become stone, gold, silver and bronze. In Thai Buddhist beliefs for your bones to transform into stone or precious materials is a sign of an enlightened being. Enlightenment is the highest state of consciousness when someone reaches “Buddha consciousness”. It is said to be that of total knowledge and total awareness. In a state where we step out of the karmic cycle of birth and death, never having to be reborn again.

Aur was 8 years old at this time.


Aur’s Unique Heritage

Aur was born into an eclectic mix of a family. She had her mother and grandfather who were highly experienced in meditation and the mind. Often doing and knowing things others couldn’t explain. From the other side was her father, a successful multi-millionaire businessman in living in the bricks and mortar world. Growing up in this dynamic provided Aur with a unique style of thinking. On the one hand, she had the focus and mind of a Buddhist monk but the logic and assertiveness of a business person.  With this mindset, she would watch carefully what her grandfather, mother, and father would do at all times and would apply it in her life even at a young age.

Her life changed hugely though when still young. Losing two of the closest people and biggest influences in her life was hard, especially at 8 years old. She loved her father so deeply that after his passing Aur became socially withdrawn and highly emotional, crying day and night without end. She developed problems sleeping and lacked appetite. This time of deep grieving and stress also worsened her health and she became dangerously weak.  Doctors committed her to a mental hospital, trying to help her stabilize hers again but this too didn’t help.


The Change

Her mother showed her how to control her mind through meditation hoping to help balance her. This proved successful, and Aur started to focus more and more on meditation and learning about the mind. Although she was still weak, physically she became stronger in mind every day. After some time focusing on her meditation, Aur started to see things she couldn’t explain or know things others didn’t believe she could. For years she doubted herself, not trusting what she was experiencing. She would sometimes think she saw someone in places where they weren’t, or knew things about people without “knowing” them.

This slowly progressed over the years at this young age into her learning the connection between all of life during her meditations. She started learning the relationship between numbers, colors, planets, people, the elements and all of nature. This knowledge had once been part of human civilization but had been lost for over 2,500 years.

Aur could never make friends as a child, and people used to avoid her or actively berate her, believing she was a liar and crazy, making up stories all the time. The truth is, she grew up in an entirely different environment than any other person. Her mother and grandfather were both famous healers and had powerful minds who could do things people just didn’t believe. As a teenager she was trying to deny and her own gifts. She wanted to have friends and live a normal life, but this wasn’t possible for her because no one wanted to be near her. She spent most of her time reading or with her mother as a child.


Turbulent Teens

When she was 13, she started using what she knew about other people in the wrong ways, often reading guy’s minds and knowing what kind of personality girl they wanted and then pretending to be that kind of person. Growing up in the household she did she never kissed a man or even held his hand but because of knowing exactly what they wanted, she could flirt with them and give them attention how they wanted. They would often give her gifts of money or other items, and it was a game for her at that age. By 15 she had multiple guys asking her to marry them, but she said no. At one point one of the guys realized she was talking to other guys too and came to her house with a gun. She realized how wrong her actions were and from then on never used them in this way again.

At 15 she spent 6 months studying makeup at beauty school and was a make-up stylist for models until she was 17 years old. There were large tensions between her and her mother at this time, and she wanted to see overseas so decided at this point to finish her high school studies for 1 year in Australia. In Australia, she lived a relatively normal teenager’s life and made some of her first friends with the family she stayed with during her visit.

When returning to Thailand at 18, she went to university studying hotel management. During this time she would have people still coming to her house asking her and her mother for help in their lives.


Surprise Destined Romance

When Aur was 22, her sister brought home a friend from school named Tanat. As soon as he walked in the door Aurs mother looked at him and then told Aur “he’s your husband.” At that time Aur had a boyfriend and to hear that he was supposed to be her husband was a shock. She soon accepted and was married to Tanat 3 months later. 6 months after that they moved to America where Tanat studied two Master degrees in Computer Science and Aur studied Organizational Management at Boston University.  Even while living in America, she had many people from the Thai & Chinese communities asking for her help with their lives.



At the age of 28 she fell pregnant with her first son Non. Tanat and Aur decided that they wanted to have the child in Thailand so moved back. As soon as she returned to Thailand, she received many requests for her to help others and advise them in their lives. One of the requests she received was to work with a property developer who had known her grandfather many years back. She started consulting him with the purchase and design of multiple malls and residential and office buildings. Her promise to him during this period was that any project she was involved in would sell a guaranteed 60% in 6 months. In the 4 years, she worked with this property developer and the many projects she saw for him she didn’t fail to deliver even once. During this time she would also help the Thai police force with unsolved murder cases, using her wisdom and gifts to catch the criminals and close the cases.

Through word of mouth many of Thailand and other countries high society started requesting Aur to visit their homes and help them in their lives. They asked her to see for their homes and offices and assist them in improving their lives and businesses, using what she knew. She was often flown to various locations around the world to view the homes for these individuals including members of the Thai and Swedish Royal Families and council, international property developers and numbers of celebrities and political figures.

When she wasn’t flying to different locations, she would have many people come to her house looking for advice or healing using the mercury her mother could make. Aur had also learnt how to make the mercury, but her mother was more knowledgeable in medicine than Aur was.

As Seen On TV

After the birth of her second son Gunn (around 33 years old) she was approached to start her own TV show in Thailand sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the Thai people. In 2005 her show titled: Aur See You was launched nationally. In each episode she would visit people’s homes and businesses, speaking with them about their lives, the influences their surroundings made and changes they could make to improve their lives. Her show aired every week and quickly gained many viewers. The show ran until 2012 in which she moved on to other projects.

Aur See You: Season 1. Episode 1.

Aur explains what Feng Shui is, and makes a house call.

Becoming a Teacher

A year after she started the TV show she was asked by many people to teach others what she knew. She then began holding small group classes demonstrating the essential connections between numbers, colors, the planets, earth, humans and the elements to others. Over the last 15 years, she has now taught more than 12,000 students about the essential connections in this world, some students ongoing for the entire time in which she has taught.

During these classes, she shares how people are connected to the natural elements making up everything in the world we see and how by looking at the day of the week an individual is born we could know much about their personality according to the dominant elements within their bodies and minds. She also teaches students what influence our natural surroundings have in our lives and how to use buildings, objects, colors and shapes in our to improve everything from our relationships to our work or even our financial lives.

Aur attributes all of her knowledge and wisdom to 5 teachers, and her path following Buddha’s words. Without her teachers, she says she would have nothing today.